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The following is an awesome email that I got and wanted to share. My responses are in red so it is easier to follow everything. I think there are a lot of guys out there that feel the same way on a number of different subjects. Keep the wonderful emails coming and if you want to talk about something lets open the dialogue and have a great conversation. 

Came across your amazing blog the other day…Was one of those times you really feel ”at home”, if you know what i mean!! 🙂 Many of the things/fetishes and fantasies you write about, is something i´ve ALWAYS had in my fantasies myself…Would probably be too long to put in a comment, though. 😉

I believe i am as much of a sub and masochist as one can be – in my MIND…! So i wouldn´t even know where to start on this…:) But i´ve always LOVED the thought of sexy women dominating and torturing me in various ways…As long as i can remember…Walking all over my body in stiletto heels, sitting on my face, scratching me with their nails, slapping my face…

To me there is something very sensual about tormenting a man in a way only women can. I have always enjoyed watching a pair of balls underneath my heels and underneath my toes as if those balls were a cigarette butte that I was stomping and grinding out super slow.  My nails are always long and I have been known to leave my mark on occasion. Far more often I enjoy just raking them across a mans chest or his balls and cock. Just hard enough to leave an impression. Slapping is something I do often with my subs from a slap of correction generally from runnings one’s mouth when it should be silent; to ridding a cock and slapping a face just because I want to.  A woman slapping a sub man is forceful and humiliating both things I like to see with a sub. 

Always used to dream of being a carpet in the ladies locker room in my teens, and just lie flat on my back on the floor with my arms stretched out, totally motionless and submissive,  while all KINDS of sexy mature women in thongs and push up bras walked all over my skinny body, so they wouldn´t have to walk on the cold hard tile floor…Using my body to protect their precious feet from potential brusing from the floor…:) Like i wasn´t even there and was just a rug, or the dirt under their feet…

There are a lot of men that enjoy the thought of being trampled on by women’s feet. This does sound appealing to have a guy that me and the girls just use for whatever we desire. You are not even human you are just a thing to be stepped on. 

Or having ladies use me as a human bench in the sauna and just have me lying flat on my back for them all to sit on my body and face whilst talking with each other about their lives, work, other men they found cute, husbands and family…Completely covering me under their butts…Like i didn´t even existed! 🙂

I have done this before and it is so much fun! To have a man or even a woman be my table to hold my glass of wine dont even think of moving. To be my foot stool you better be steady. Or to be my private bench where ever I go. 

I love to be a complete gentleman and treat ladies as princesses…Always value them above myself…Always loved the kind of women that sees themselves as true Princesses and expects me to pamper, spoil and do anything for them, so they won´t have to do a thing themselves and risk breaking a nail…Who would expect to be showered in compliments and presents on a daily basis…And the more bitchy, spoiled, vain and selfish she would be, the more arousing…:) The more she would value only herself, treat me only as her personal slave and see herself as WAY too good for me…Love the thought of a woman who takes me along with her like only an accessory…Someone to use to be as comfortable and carefree as possible! Who would expect me to just follow her and carry her bags while she´s shopping with my money so she won´t risk breaking a nail, open her doors….Lay flat on my back every time she wants to sit down so she could sit on my chest instead to not get herself dirty ”because a Lady never sits on the dirty ground!”

I have been told on numerous occasions that I am like the Evil Queen Regina in Once Upon A Time I demand and expect you to be my complete servant. Your wants and desires mean nothing to me it is all about what I want and how I want it. 

I love every act of chivalry and servitude to women…Just to feel a bit like their servant in any way. Like the norm in the old days. 🙂 Love to open doors for women and stand aside for them to enter before me, just to show she always comes first…:) Offer to carry their bags, or anything else they might need help with…

A man that knows his place in life is a happy man. Women too often do not use their control in anyway that they should. This leaves men confused about where his place is in a woman’s life. A controlled man is a satisfied man. 

I´ve joked with women on some occasions about laying my coat down over it for them to walk on, if they get to a puddle they don´t know how to cross…Love when they laugh about it and say it sound great. 🙂 But always secretly wished i could lay down flat on my back in it myself, so they could casually tiptoe all over me in their sexy high heels to not risk getting their feet dirty and get safely to dry land again! 🙂

A woman’s feet should never touch dirty water, mud, nor be grass stained. A man is there to do whatever is required of him to make sure that never happens. 

I remember wanting to serve women already in my teens…Especially sexy mature women…Every one i´d see, i´d secretly wish i could just serve her and do anything for herl…Offer to carry her bags, fix her car, help her with anything else she might need help with, come over to her house anytime to do handiwork for her, move her lawn, do her laundry, wait on her while she´s relaxing by the pool, be her personal chauffeur…Give her my number for her to call any day and at any hour if she ever needed anything… Especially if she would really use me and call me up in the middle of the night, say it´s an emergency and ask me to come over right away, only to ask me to change a light bulb or kill a spider when i finally get there… A really vain and high maintenance-woman who had me completely wrapped around her little finger and ready to do anything for her, with a truly ”spoild princess” manner! That´s always been my biggest fantasy…:)

There is a reason that a woman who knows what she wants and expresses that gets what she desires. That reason is because she deserves it all. Men were truly put here to make women happy in every way. 

What do you think of that? 🙂

I completely love the forniphilia- post too!! I´ve always dreamt of being all kinds of human furniture for women, too…LOVE that part about having cocks stand at attention for you to hang your purse, coat, etc on when youi get home! 🙂 I´ve dreamt of a lady using me as her personal coat-rack many times, or human clothes-rack, to hang her lingerie on…Having me just stand there completely motionless while hanging her sexy little thongs all over me, on my arms, face, shoulders, on my cock that would be SURE to stand att attention for her….:) And just turning out the light and have me standing there motionless and alone in the dark basement while her clothes are drying…The core of it all is for her to not see and treat me as a human being and only an object, for her to use in any way she sees fit. That to me is incredibly arousing. 🙂 And that part of wanting your slave to control his breathing even so you would not feel the rise and fall of his chest while you sit there…I have to admit a almost draw a gasp of arousal from reading that…You could take me along with you everywhere you go, so you could use me as a bench and sit on my chest instead, anytime you don´t want to get your pants dirty!! 🙂 After all – you know  a Princess like you would never have to dirty herself when she could have male servants like me to sit on…;)

To be objectified means that you are truly subservient to one Goddess and she rules your world. She is the center of your universe so everything that you do for her makes your life even more perfect. 

Keep writing on that amazing blog – i´ll definitely continue to read it!

Wishing you a great day! 🙂

What a wonderful email from a sub’s perspective which is always insightful. 

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  1. Wow!! I feel honored…I obviously had to google that mentioned queen in question as well! 🙂 It´s truly amazing to find someone that understands you…And even share the same kind of fantasies! You won´t believe how many years i just felt like a freak, before discovering anything about the fetish/bdsm/femdom-world and all the amazing fantasies and activities within…Would be an absolute dream to serve, pamper (and be tortured!) by a sexy dominant woman like you…Just think how many ways you could actually use me and for how many different things! 😀

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