Frotteurism Rubbing Against People To Get Turned On

This is one of those fetishes that is probably best left to fantasy and not done in reality. It is something that I actually here a lot of so I know it is a fairly large fetish. The term frotteurism comes from a French term frotteur which means to rub or rubber. This fetish is generally one that is male on female there have been a few cases of female on male and it does exist on a small level in the homosexual society. The fetish of frotteurism means to rub against someone with out their consent in order to obtain sexual gratification. This is generally done in a public place and most often a crowded place like a concert, subway, or busy street. The reason for this is that keeps the victim from being able to react to what is happening and it makes it harder for the victim to prove it was being done for sexual gratification and not just by accident. The majority of this fetish is that the other person is NOT consenting that is the major part of the turn on. The biggest issue with this fetish is the fetish itself in that it is almost always against the law to touch someone without their consent even if it is done over clothing. After speaking with a number of people that have this fetish there is a huge thrill from getting away with something they know they are not suppose to be doing.  Now having fantasies of this nature is not a problem it perfectly natural to have naughty fantasies. The problem comes in when those fantasies take over normal sexual functions to the degree that they have to be acted upon. With this fantasy if it is acted upon it can lead to a lot of unpleasantness for both the person with the fetish and for the person that the fetish is acted upon. The biggest issue being the person with the fetish gets arrested and humiliated in a public courtroom and then labeled as a pervert or even worse a sexual predator. This fetish is not a new one it has been documented and discussed for well over a hundred years.

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