Gender Transformation

Let me start off saying I am not discussing true gender transformation I have personal friends that I know have gone through this and that is a whole different type of discussion. What I am going to talk about is the fantasy gender transformation. I know that a lot of men out there have these fantasies and want to be able to express themselves. These are men that think about women slipping hormones into their coffee every morning and before they know it thier breasts are starting to grow and their penis is starting to shrink.  At first they do not realize the changes taking place. Their voices start to change and they are admiring women not for their bodies but for their clothes and shoes.  The longer they are being given this special concoction the more and more feminine they become. Until one day they wake up and all their male inclinations are gone. They are now a fully feminized man. Their women of course then take all those males clothes away and take them on their very first shopping trip.  They have to start wearing girly clothes all day every day. They learn to put on makeup and well those manly parts are just no longer manly. This evil wonderful woman has stepped into their lives and taken over all aspects. They now know they can only be a girl and they were always a girl in an ugly man’s body.  I have spoken to a number of men over the years that all have this very same basic fantasy.  Of course the minute details change from person to person and sometimes he has no clue he is being changed. While there are some men that enjoy the thought of being blackmailed or forced to take hormones. So they will know everything that is happening to them over the course of it occurring.  A lot of men want to have their man hood completely stripped from them in their fantasy they do not want anything left to remind them of the man they once were. There are a number of men who are attracted to women’s clothing the feel of the fabric the broad spectrum of different things women have to wear.  Of course there is always an attraction to shoes but let us be honest men do not have many types of shoes to choose from.

If you have a fantasy of this nature share what drives you to think about it and where you thoughts go in the comment!

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