Glory Hole

I have yet to have the fun of taking one of my sluts to a glory hole. I have talked to guys on the phone that were at them. I greatly enjoy getting pictures, videos and even being on the phone with a slut sucking cock for me. It is not the same thing as taking one of my sluts to a glory hole and forcing their head down onto whatever pops through that hole. I will be honest I thought for years that glory holes were things of porno movies. I didn’t believe they actually existed until I ran into a large number of guys that frequented them. Even then I was skeptical, that was till I started getting pictures and videos the more I got from all over the country the more I started to hey there might be some truth to this. I also went hey it sure would be fun to take a slut to one of these and make him suck cock for me.  I have noticed that most to the ones that have anything decent size frequenting them are generally in the big cities where Atlanta seems to very popular for glory hole activity.  I have always enjoyed making my sluts suck cock and the thought of having them have no control over what comes through that hole is fascinating to me. I also like the thought of me having no control either. So maybe it is a huge cock that any of my sluts would desire or perhaps it is something on the smaller side that makes them feel the full brunt of the humiliation. I often enjoy making my sluts suck cock smaller than themselves that is a full power play. Even though they are larger they are still less of a man and more of a cock sucker than the tiny pathetic cock in front of them.

I would really enjoy hearing about your experiences at a glory hole if you have had them. If you have never gone but fantasized about it tell where your thoughts wonder too.  Most of the time guys that think about this are not bisexual it has nothing to do with attraction. Actually most the guys that think or desire a trip to the glory hole are completely turned off by a cock. What they are craving is the power play of being forced to do something they would never do on their own.

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