Green Ruffles Tiny Loser Dick

Making a slut go get some new fun things to play with is always a way to make my days go better. In this case I sent him out with a list of items that I demanded he bring back to me. The first was a pair of panties with lace on the back of them. I knew these would be hard to find that is why I was so specific in what I wanted. I guess the sales lady had a bunch of fun laughing at my sissy boy while he tried to make her think the panties were a “gift” for me. Of course I already knew which store had them before I ever sent him out the door. Of course I had already tipped the sales lady well and showed her his picture. She let him go on for a bit before busting his bubble. Then she proceeded to embarrasses him with all the other sales ladies. It does a sissy good to feel the complete humiliation of knowing he is flat out busted.


Next on my list was a cock cage so that he would not be tempted to play with himself for the rest of the day. Of course I told him that he had to have it put on by the sales lady. He fussed about this but in the end I won I always win. download16

The last thing on my list was a brand new rabbit toy. He could not just run in and buy it then run out of the store. I told him I wanted it gift wrapped in a fancy box by one of my friends who is a professional gift wrapper. I sent him to her place so that she could make a big fuss over it while all the other ladies just had a huge laugh at my sissies expense.


In the end though he had a wonderful time being under my complete control and doing all the humiliating errands I sent him on. Every sissy needs to have at least one day where he is completely embarrassed from the time he gets up in the morning to when he is finally allowed to go to sleep at night. The greatest part of this whole day was listening to my little slut beg for me to not make him do the task that was required of him. He knew better than to fail me!

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