How To Email Properly

How to email a phone sex operator properly this is specific but it applies to a lot different situations. While this is a little of opinion it is also having observed complaints by phone sex operators over the years. First off use the subject box for the subject of your email. Unless you are a regular customer who has permission to email chatty emails please do not. We get tons of emails which are titled such things as ‘Hello’ or ‘Do You Want To Talk’. If we are logged in you can be fairly certain we want to talk. If we are not logged in please do not send us ‘can you log in’ especially if we keep normal hours. Most of us work anywhere from 8-12 hours a day. So use the subject box for what your question is. These questions should be used to answer things that our websites do not answer.  Please keep your emails short and to the point we get a ton of emails every day. Emails should never be used instead of a call. If your question can be answered during a call such as what fetishes do you cater to? That is way too vague ask about your specific fetish this is something we will happily answer for you. We are not going to list 100 plus fetishes and their subfetishes for you in hopes that we hit the one that you are looking for.  We have probably heard it all so even if we do not get into what you get into its okay we will just tell you so and move on with our day. Expecting us to change prior to a cam show is not acceptable unless you want to send us a little something. We only make money for the time we are on the phone.  Some of us pride ourselves on keeping our prices low so that you can feel completely at ease with the time that you spend with us. Please respect us to the degree we respect you. Email is an important part of communication and we use it to talk to you just like you talk to us. I know one of my highlights of my day is when I send out a live journal or chatty email and I get responses to it. So keep email just make sure that your emails get the results that you want and gain the attention from us flirts that you desire.

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