Ice Adventures

The last few days I have been out of town and I got home late last night. The day didn’t start out that way I left plenty early and should have been home around 9pm or so I thought. I guess I chose the highway that decided to have a ‘perfect storm’ of wrecks yep over four of them that left me sitting in traffic from 4pm to 10pm when I say sitting in traffic I mean I was sitting there moving up maybe a few feet at a time. The only reason I got out of it was because we started looking for alternate routes and finally moved up enough to take an exit. Now this was no fun and not a one of us was happy to be there but guess who I get behind me. YEP! the trucker from HELL! This guy was in a full truck with a tractor and trailer cutting people off flashing his lights and honking. No one was going anywhere we had a steep hill to one side on a split high way with no cut between and no exits. We were all going to be elbow to ass hole for awhile. After we had been there for awhile and he was just getting worse and worse Hubby and I finally have had enough. The car in front of us moves up and we move up now the car in front of us could have moved up 3-4 more feet but it wouldn’t have made any difference and it had been icing for around 3 hours by that point. The roads were getting super slick because no cinder trucks and no one was moving to heat the roads up. This guy starts being a complete ass honking flashing trying to cut over in front of the other lane (who could go NOWHERE), threatening people well you get the picture. Me I have had enough because with that much delay and that many wreckers cops etc you can bet that someone has probably died. I lay into him, hubby lays into him and all he can do is run his mouth. By this time I have to pee and I have no patience for dumb ass. I did something I have never done before I call his trucking company and let them know then I call the highway patrol and let them know.  He finally shuts up and moves enough in front of us that we no longer have to deal with him. Had that been the end of my night no biggie, but nope it just keeps getting better. We finally get to the highway we need to be at and it is a solid sheet of ice it was so bad that I seriously thought we were going to fall into a deep ravine. The only reason we didn’t is because we drove in the grass and not on the road. We get off that highway take another one and I am thinking okay we are doing good an hour from home guess what another high way shut down and an overturned semi. We have to back track 35 miles the way we just came to make our way back to the interstate. So what should have taken 6 hours took well over 12. I so hate ice!

Oh I contacted trucker from hell’s safety manager today (I had talked to dispatch last night) and turns out I was only one of many that they heard from yes he was that bad.

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