Inflatable Toy Fetish


Inflatables is a recent fetish that I have been introduced to it started with balloons which we started doing for a few viewers. Balloons were a lot of fun and someone mentioned to us that they enjoyed inflatables.  I like these fun fetishes and so I started asking people that I knew were into it what they found appealing about it. They said the feel, the smell, the sounds made.  They like to watch a woman ride an inflatable.  When I started with this it was with a raft that one of our viewers sent us and it was FUN! Blowing it up and then squeezing it rubbing it all over. The whole process was just a blast to have a lot of fun with.  I have not played with bursting inflatables as most my guys are not into this and my collection is very small at this time. I am sure there will come a time when I expand into that form of the fetish.  One of the things that I have been asked for a lot is the inflatable suits but these things are super expensive.

I can understand the feel of the inflatables because they do feel good against the skin and if you add water or oil they become super slick.  The smell of the inflatables actually comes from the deteriation of the product they are made of. As they break down chemically they emit a specific smell.  It is a lot of fun to blow these toys up and then rub them all over my skin.

If you are into inflatables please tell me all about it in the comments below. What got you into the fetish? What is the biggest turn on for you? What kinds of things you would really like to see start catching on with the internet.

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