Is A Dominant Always “Mistress”

Is a dominant woman always called a mistress is a topic of discussion that comes up a lot of time.  There are people in the BDSM lifestyle that will argue this point and are extremely passionate about it. For women like myself I prefer the Goddess mentality. This is my opinion on the subject but here is how I think about it. A Mistress is someone who is into forcing someone to do what she wants a person to do. For myself I enjoy a submissive that comes to me willing. I want the person in the mindset to please me in every way. Both woman that is a “mistress” and a myself “goddess” will push our slaves to expand their roles. We will probably both use a sprinkling of pain to make sure our slaves are paying attention. We may even ask they do the exact same options. The difference is how we view ourselves and that can be huge. I desire to have someone that is already completely into me.  A mistress on the other hand wants the challenge of creating a submissive. I enjoy the fantasy that women are superior to men and that the man is underneath the sensual control of a woman. The seduction side of submissive and dominant interaction is where my enjoyment comes from. There is no right or wrong answer to this question though some people would absolutely argue this point till they can not argue it anymore. The wonderful thing about BDSM is that we can make it completely ours.  Do not worry about being right or wrong just be who you feel you are inside.

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