Do you like to tickle people? Do you like to be tickled? That is what knismolagnia is all about. It is the fetish of being tickled and tickling someone. This is a very prevalant fetish and one of the first ones that I heard about when I started on the internet. For most people that are into tickling enjoy the sensation. The laughter that comes from it is one of the most enjoyable things for someone into this fetish.  A number of the people that I know involved in this fetish enjoy key phrases such as  coochie coochie coo, tickle tickle tickle, Im going to get you. There are a lot more phrases than this that are specific to a person. There are some people that the process of the tickling is all that matters. As with every fetish this can become very specific to that person. A large number of people enjoy tickling a certain body part such as feet.  This group of people want the person being tickled or themselves if they are being tickled to enjoy the whole sensation. To this group enjoyment and fun is what it is all about.

The other group of people are into being tickled or tickling for the torment of themselves or the other person. This group enjoys tickling to the degree that begging for the tickling to stop is what it is all about. This type of scene is all about control and torment. This group might enjoy such things as tying someone up. Maybe sitting on someone’s chest and tickling the bottom of feet until the person wiggles begging for the whole sensation to stop. It might even go as far as humiliation with making someone lose control of their bladder while they are being tickled.

With most fetishes there are two groups those that are into it for the pleasure of everything that comes with the fetish. The other group is all about getting and mainting control or losing that control. Of course with every fetish making it completely your own is what it is all about. The fun that comes from what you enjoy is all that matters in the end. Those of you that know Chilly Hicks know she is super ticklish just the lightest touch will cover her in goose bumps. She is not someone that really enjoys being tickled. I however greatly enjoy tickling her and making her beg to be released. While she may initially deny enjoying that process she really does enjoy it.

One thought on “Knismolagnia”

  1. For me, i think only that itself would be somewhat “too cute” to be exited by…But i´ve actually had fantasies of a woman lying on top of me and tickling my nose with a feather, though…Or lying on me in a public park, tickling my face with a blade of grass or something, trying to get me to sneeze and giggling at my attemts not to! 🙂

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