Life Of A Cam Model

Have you ever wondered what a daily routine is for your favorite cam star? Chilly Hicks and Diane Callaway have been camming since 2007.  While we have worked on a number of different sites through out the years our schedule has pretty much been the same. We play from our home we do not work for a studio so there is no drive time to get where we are going. We used to get up at 8am and work till midnight. In more recent years we have decided that we craved a bit more “me” time. We generally get our day started around 11am and hang out with you guys till 1am. Now while we do spend a lot of time in front of the camera we do take off to watch a show, eat or do girly things. Sometimes we take off and go shopping. Because we are self employed we have a lot of freedom to do things at our own pace on our own schedule. We have a great time with everyone though and have made some friends that have been with us since 2007. We absolutely get to know people and their lives.  We have been there when people have gotten divorced found someone new and even heard all kinds of different life stories. Being a cam model is not all about sex in fact a lot of it is about connections. We do make money and enjoy the life it has given us.  There is so much we have been able to accomplish because of the freedoms that camming has provided. We also enjoy the people we have met. Our normal day is like any other working girl get up drink our favorite caffeine beverage, take a shower, do hair makeup all that fun stuff. Then we login answer emails, social media etc. Diane is a bit of news junky so she checks out all the latest and not so greatest things going on in the world.  Diane takes care of all the advertising and the writing (including this LOL) so she spends more time doing that then Chilly does. From there we are ready to start our day logging into the site and seeing what everyone is up to. Just like anything else sometimes there are days where more people are online some days things move at a slower pace. On the slower pace days we try and get our other projects worked on like blogging, taking pictures, shooting movies all the really fun stuff. Our days are not that different then yours well except for the minute detail we get to have a heck of lot more orgasms then the average person. These two girls are not complaining about that though.

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