Long Days Lots of Work

I have been working super hard to get a lot of stuff done especially on this blog. I have so far got some of our long movies up, our shorter movies, some recordings, and hopefully here in the next couple of days you will see picture sets going up too. I am not very good with html I can do it but it requires me thinking about it. Chilly recently got some inflatables and she has been having a lot of fun with them. Hopefully in the next couple of days we can get some movies and pictures of her playing with them.  The weather is getting cooler and we have lots to get done outside before winter gets here. We heat with wood heat which I adore something homey and wonderful it is. The down side is it requires some preparation to be ready for the cold. 

2 thoughts on “Long Days Lots of Work”

  1. Heating with wood is a lot of work and i would think you would bring in lots of spiders and bugs from it, got to do what works for you,me it’s too much work and messy. not into plastic dolls,but love chilly just to have her masturbate with me. when I can afford i will call again. xxoo michael

  2. i would love to buy a movie but kind of expensive for twenty minutes. i can rent 4- 2 hour tapes for $12 at a porn shop for that. too bad i would love to see chilly playing a school girl

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