Long Time Virgins

I have spoken to a number of men through the years who are virgins and have never had a sexual encounter with anyone. I have also spoken to men that have never had sexual encounters that were  not paid for.  I have also dated women that were virgins into their 20’s and knew women in their 30’s that never had sexual relations.  For some people there is other pressing matters in their lives such has careers, family,  or personal lack of self confidence. There are men that need someone to talk to and they are lacking that in their lives.  That is one of the main reasons they enjoy talking to someone who does phone sex. It is not always about getting off but in a lot of ways they just want someone they can open up to. The big call centers offer a means of sexual gratification but one on one is not always possible because of how they are set up. With a person like myself that is self employed I may not be available 24/7 but I am someone that remembers past conversations.  We can build long lasting conversations and to some degree relationships.  This is not the same as a loving stable relationship with a person that is in one’s life because that is where they choose to be. However, the relationships built with someone like myself can be highly beneficial in their own right.  A lot of times people are celibate because of fetishes they do not feel comfortable showing their true sexual beings to potential mates due to the fear of rejection. A therapist can make someone feel like there is something wrong with them but talking to a “real” person that understands and does not judge can be a happy median.  It can a confidence builder for someone who has never had anyone to discuss these emotions with.

As discussed in “Confessions of an ‘Old’ Virgin” there are numerous feelings as to why someone would choose to remain celibate and most of them are misguided. Life tends to speed up on people and before they know it lots of time has passed and they have become complacent in where they are currently at.  Humans have this quirk about them  where when they get into a habit they tend to stay there even when that habit makes them miserable. Talking with a phone sex operator can help to break that cycle.

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