This is one of my favorite fetishes this could or could not have something to do with the fact I am only 5’1″ tall. For those that are not aware of what this word means macrophilia is the fetish of giant women or giantess as they are sometimes known. Generally in the fetishes world that I have been exposed to something happens to make the women grow tall and powerful. While the men are kept small and defenseless. One of the largest fantasies that I hear from men is a woman that takes a pill and grows so many feet tall. When she wants to get bigger she takes another pill. With each steps she grows more and more powerful. Most men think about a woman that is destructive and cruel in  a sexy way. There is a large number of men that think about being consumed by women. Of course this is all fantasy so the man would remain completely conscious while he is traveling down a woman’s throat into her stomach and yes sometimes even further. I do enjoy the whole fantasy and we talk about a lot of fun things.

One of the best times I have had so far is me becoming 18 foot tall and destroying a whole neighborhood.  I am all dressed up in a tight tiny little skirt, a tied shirt, and Roman Sandals the kind that lace up the leg. I am huge and powerful there is nothing bigger or more powerful than me. I will control everything and everyone around me in giantess state.  A tiny man cowering underneath  me while I slam my foot into this house. His horrid little wife jumps into the car and I play with her car until I finally just smash it into oblivion. He then becomes my little play thing to do whatever I want with him. My tiny man then becomes my main course of dinner. Of course I have to grow him a little with my magic pill so that he will become a proper meal. When I cook him he knows and feels everything I do to him.

Are you into this fetish? Have you ever thought about being under the control of a hugely, powerful, and dominant woman? How does your fantasy go? Tell me all about it what day dream of in the comments below. I want to hear all the dirty little things that run through your deviant mind.

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