I got introduced to these through a sissy that I know that was wearing them. At first I thought this was a very small amount of people who were into wearing mantyhose. He sent me to the mantyhose site if you are curious about it. After visiting that site I started to loo around the internet and guess what there are lot of men wearing pantyhose. When I was young I can remember men wearing pantyhose when they would go deer hunting to keep their legs warm. Or at least that is what they told everyone. This seems to be a growing fashion statement with men. They have an amazing area of different designs that men have to choose from. When I first started looking at this I really thought this was a sissy thing that men who enjoyed dressing up  were into wearing mantyhose. That was very much not the case I was so wrong about that.  There are a lot of men around the world that are wearing these.  While I don’t see them catching in the redneck areas of the south they are very popular in a lot of other places.

This is not just about having hose with different patterns on them. This site also offers such things as hose with extra support.  Some of the comments on the site indicate that these hose do offer comfort for men that are on their feet all day.  I do find it amusing that all the men on the site are very masculine looking and most the pictures look like they should be on the front of a romance novel. I am all for people wearing what they want and have no issues with cross dressers, sissies, trans sexual, etc. I just find their method of advertising humorous.

Let’s talk about this have you ever wore mantyhose? Have you ever heard of mantyhose? Would you wear them if you had the opportunity? They have been around too long to call them a fashion trend but do you just think they are a marketing scheme? What about support if you have issues with your legs or perhaps very large ball sacks do you think the support they offer would be helpful in a health way? Are you one of those secret men that buy women’s pantyhose just to feel the fabric against your skin? Whatever your feelings let me hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. I wear compression stockings and pantyhose due to chronic venous insufficiency and edema. This followed a couple of knee replacement surgeries. Also warm on cold days, energizes legs and do feel like a 2nd skin. I’m not big on names like mantyhose, guylons or brosiery. Sounds silly. Prefer calling it legwear, tights or still pantyhose.

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