10526083_650256521756889_8000069241969184264_nMost people are familiar with the term masochist because of the acronym of S&M. While most people understand that a masochist is someone that enjoys pain. Of coarse the levels of pain can vary from person to person. It seems that most people that play in S&M or Bondage play fall on the mild spectrum of this. Most people enjoy a mild spanking, a little bit of nipple pinching, or some minor cock and ball play. There are a few people out there that enjoy something a little more intense play such as a canning, electric play, or more stretching of body parts. I have not met anyone that I have personally known that went beyond this level. While I have heard of a group that truly enjoys life changing pain those are just stories and here say so I do not have experience of this myself. I am not someone that enjoy hurting someone I do not mind sending a little bit of intense sensation for someone I am playing with. I do not want to hurt someone that I know. There are fantasies that I play in such as castration but these are only fantasies for me. I do not desire to hurt someone in real time that would cause them pain that would last them for a long time. It is fun to play on the milder side of this spectrum and for a number of people it is a very good way to relieve a large amount of stress. In some ways it primal in nature and we as humans rarely get to explore that sensation.

This is one fantasy that is felt and enjoyed by both sexes and I have not experienced a difference between the sexes in how they enjoy having it expressed upon them. Both men and women enjoy nipple play and having their nipples teased and tormented to some degree. Both sexes enjoy spanking with a number of different implements. Surprisingly enough men and women also enjoy having their sexual centers tormented as well.  It seems to be one of the easiest forms of power play that both sexes can fall into because the choice is taken away from them so quickly and so easily. A number of people feel a great deal of shame from their sexual desires and having someone take control and take away their choice allows a great number of people to side step those emotional walls.

Have you ever played in masochist? How far do you enjoy being pushed and to what degree do you like to have those implemented on you? Tell me in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Masochist”

  1. This would probably be too long for a comment, if i were to list everything…;) But i think the most “extreme” masochistic fantasy i have, is to have a sexy lady use me as a human dartboard and throw darts at my chest…This fantasy might involve something like her being home alone and caught me as a burglar in the middle of the night…Coming downstairs in just a sexy, pink sheer nighty and pink marabou trim slippers and pointing a cute little gun at me so i put my hands in the air (among other things…;) and surrender instantly…(Both to the gun and her sexyness alone! 🙂 Threatening to call the police if i don´t do anything she want…So i´d let her…Turns out she´s always had a secret sadistic streak and decides to have some and make me suffer a little by using me as a human dartboard…Just because she can. 🙂 Standing before me in just sexy pink lingerie, trying to aim at the middle of my chest and giggling with delight every time i cry out in pain…Secretly being more turned on than ever by her cruelty and sadistic way to make me suffer. 🙂

  2. Haha, well, i´d probably be too scared anyway to actually try it in real life, to be perfectly honest…:D It´s great to have a vivid imagination, though! 🙂

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