Morti Safe

I have a caller that really enjoys playing with a morti safe which is how I got introduced to it.  This product really is a lot of fun for both the Mistress and for the Submissive. It is great for long distance play.  How this product works is the submissive has a safe that the key to their chastity device goes into. The Mistress then goes to a web site and sets the timer on the device. This can be hours, days or however she desires. When she does that she gets a very long code that will unlock the device when she desires. The key holder has to have the code if it gets lost well it sucks to be the person in the chastity device. I had a great time playing with this device when I had the opportunity to use it. It was fun having my caller email and beg to get out . The biggest issue with key holders seperated by long distances is how to make sure the key is maintained properly while still having it available for emergency.  While I have used numerous ways of maintaining control of chastity device the Morti Safe was the easiest by far.

Now, here is the bad part according to the morti safe site it appears that they are no longer producing this device. I still want to recommend looking at their website and seeing some of the recommendations they offer. This was not a fancy looking website and was set up very simply. I personally like things that are simple in layout and function. Any more most websites have so many things going on on the page makes them difficult to use.

While I will be continuing to look for creative and fun ways to be a key holder for my chastity guys. For now I will have to go back to numbered keys, freezing the key, putting the key in safety box,  as well as, some of the other ways that my deviant mind things up on the fly. I strongly recommend playing in chastity for extended times if someone is into tease and denial. The fun  part of extended play is how much it starts to consume a man’s day. Chastity also helps a man overcome his desire to sneak around tease his cock without thinking he will get caught. Men we always catch you that is what our job as Mistress is.

If you have creative ideas for key holding from a distance I would greatly enjoy hearing about them. Tell me in comments below! 

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