Mucophilia is the “sneezing” fetish.  It is actually a lot more common than most people think. It was one of the first fetishes I was asked about when I started doing camming. It is one of the fetishes that people often ask for especially when flu season or Spring allergies start around the country.  There are even whole forums related to sneezing and people that are attracted to the fetish. As with any fetish it is hard for a lot of people to admit it. They do not want to be considered outside of societies norms. This is a very harmless fetish (well except for the whole germ thing). The action and the fighting of sneezing is one of the really attractive things for most of the guys that I have talked to. Watching a woman fight the urge to sneeze and then finally having to just let it out. Multiple sneezes are also a very big turn on for a lot of men. I have not spoken to a woman with this fetish but I would imagine there are women out there that have the same attraction. The men that I have spoken to throughout the years have not really been attracted to the “mucus” but more just the action of the sneeze the sound of the sneeze and watching someone try to restrain a sneeze from occurring. One of the major reasons for calling or camming with someone like myself or Chilly Hicks is because we are more open to the not as common fetishes. There is also something about having a fetish that is not generally seen as a sexual gratification that makes a man think it will be considered more weird than say breasts. While some women will be less than understanding I do think a lot of women would find this kind of sweet. It is very easy to full fill and doesn’t really cause a woman to see herself as an object. I think a lot of women resist a number of fetishes because they see themselves as being compartmentalized and objectified  which makes them very uncomfortable.  If this is something you are into please comment about what specifically turns you on in the comments below. I am also including a link to a forum that is well established for those that might want to explore this fetish just a little bit more.  I would really like to know when you first discovered you had this fetish.


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