New Movies For The New Year

I am busy planning out Chilly and My next year we are doing some things different this year and I am excited about the changes we are making. We are going to make 12 movies I have made a tenative list of what we are going to do. Here is the exciting part you get to help choose what movie we make and in what order. Now if a movie does not get votes at all then I will replace it with a different idea so do not be afraid to send something over.  To enter your vote send me an email at I will also be choosing a winner each month for a free movie. These movies we will be making will be around 20 minutes long so they should be a lot of fun.

1. Inflatables

2. Lollipop (girl girl) or (solo)

3. Forced blowjob

4. Dirty Feet Tease

5. Tied Orgasm w/Hitachi (Chilly Submissive) 1

6. Food Crushing

7. Girl on Girl Submissive Slut Strapon 1

8. Bad School Girl Spanking 2

9. Girl on Girl Foot Worship

10. Masturbation Instruction (us girls telling you what to do)

11. Tied and Tormented

12. Chilly All Tied Up with Rope

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