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I have talked about some of the things the site will not let us discuss because of laws that we all have to follow. I am not saying the laws are good nor am I saying they are bad they are just there so that is the way it is. I thought I would touch on some of the things that I will not personally talk about and why.

Incest to me this is the greatest crime on family. With a lot of blended families there seems to be a large amount of step fathers that think about their step daughters. Even if it is just in their head which I hear a lot I will not participate. If you take on a family then you better respect it. While I can not force someone to respect the vows they have made to be a good, honest, decent human I will not participate in fantasies of them breaking those vows. This one is not open to discussion.

Underage- this one is a grey area for me on one aspect. I will not talk about YOU doing something to someone who is underage. However, I do understand that a lot of sexuality comes from the first times of doing things. I understand how fantasy can go back to those times.

Bestiality- Yeah really keep it within our own species.

Scat- sorry I do not even see the appeal of this one and it just flat out turns me off.

Fisting- if you want to talk about me doing it to you I am okay with that. I am not into having it done to me for me the thought is a huge turn off.

If I do not feel comfortable with a situation then I will just tell you and we can either move to something else or part ways. I am actually really easy to get along with and do not get offended easily. By all means just ask me flat out if it is not my thing I will tell you straight up and wish you the best. I am open to a ton of fetishes and I learn new ones all the time. If yours is something unique tell me about it I would enjoy learning something new. One of the major things I enjoy about being a phone sex operator is exploring human sexuality.

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