Orgasm Control Denial

There are many reason why a man might be into orgasm control. There are some men that want a woman to have complete control over every aspect of their sexuality. There are others that just enjoy the build up to a very hard explosive orgasm the kind that men of the modern world rarely have anymore. There are so many ways of having an orgasm in today’s modern world. It is not the same world where a man has to seek out a way instead he can obtain it on his phone or any given convenient store. There is something to be said about having to wait and then being allowed to have a wonderful orgasm after being teased for extended amount of time.

Most men want to have an orgasm at some point they do not want to be forced into permanent celibacy. This makes up the vast majority of men who are into orgasm control.  There is another group of men though that crave a deeper sense of commitment to their women. They want their woman to completely deny them all orgasms. They do not want to be shut out emotionally they want to be given complete emotional support from a woman that they adore. The feel of a woman’s touch becomes more and more electrifying the longer a man is forced to not allowed to orgasm.

These men understand that the longer they are denied the more emotionally connected to the women in their lives. For a man that craves something beyond the quick release of orgasm a woman that is willing to make them work for everything. A woman who knows how to control a man through sensual ways can create a world that most women only dream about through the occasional meme. A man will do anything for a woman that lovingly keeps him on the edge.  A man that gives himself over in all ways soon learns to crave more. The want of an orgasm is far more powerful than any drug. I have spoken to many men who were given a taste of this soon want it beyond anything else they can have.

For men who have never felt this kind of control often start thinking about how a man can want this. Then after awhile they want it they crave it and start to seek out the one woman that can give them everything they desire.

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