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Welcome to my wicked world. Femdom, Fetish Queen and Kinky Advisor Goddess Bella Donna aka Mysteria on NF loves to hear your confessions, dominate you and control your world. I specialize in Fetish and Femdom, Paranormal Roleplay and give loving advice to alternative lifestyle newbies. Give me a call and let’s get to know each other. Mature, BBW with a down to earth attitude, easy laugh and a wicked imagination.

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Goddess Bree





Welcome to your new BBW addiction wallets, puppets and submissive males!  I am Goddess Bree.  A seductive and demanding Siren with a body that’s built to manipulate and take total control.  I was put on this earth to be idolized, worshiped and spoiled and in My perfect world nothing matters except Me!  My wants and desires!  And let’s face it, you’re here for one reason and that’s to serve Me! I learned from an early age that I hold all the Power.  That a male’s brain is My playground that I can stomp through whenever I desire.  And all of the inferior males that have had the privilege of crossing My path in their lives, have sub-come to My Royalty and $ paid $ dearly.  In My World of kink, nothing makes My panties wetter then taking what is Rightfully Mine.  And that’s your hard earned $ money $!  My Fetish is Financial Domination.  It’s really very simple, I enjoy spanking your wallets dry and Owning that ca$h cock!  And My natural talent to Own you makes this soooo fucking easy!  Introduce your inferior selves!



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