Great Week

The weather is starting to turn cold again which is a good thing because I always feel off when we have 80 degree weather in November there is just something not right about that. I took advantage of all the niceness though and got a lot of stuff down. So tonight I am sitting here catching up on emails, watching my puppy play with her new squeaker toy, and enjoying a roaring fire. Yes it probably will get so hot I open the front door later but that is okay. I am trying to find some new stuff for us to do and have fun with. So make sure you are watching for all kinds of stuff coming. The problem I am having is this last year the internet has become more distant with communicating with our fans. I would like to change that so please add us to your twitter or send an email so you can get all our newest updates. 


Okay, this is one of those fetishes that most people like but when they hear the overall definition they go oh no. Odaxelagnia is the fetish of biting or liking to be bitten. Now if you think of this in the whole vampire way probably not so much of a popular thing. However, if you think of it in a playful teasing nip the bottom or light bite to a nipple, well then it starts to become more appealing. Most of us enjoy this fetish to a mild degree. Not something that leaves permanent scars or big bruises but just adds a little spice to life. So for this week, we are talking about the enjoyment of a little nip here and there. Let me here it who honestly enjoys a little bit of play with teeth and who does that completely turn off in every way.

Great Offer

Okay here is the deal I am offering a full length movie that is 21 mins long the only thing you have to do is email me at and I will send you the link. Here is the description of the movie. It is one of my better sellers so do not think it is a bottom of the barrel bad movie. It is girl girl with a very hot chick. 


Yes I picked her up at a dive bar which we all know is not my style but damn she was wearing those thigh high boots and I am such a slut for boots. I take her back to my hotel and strip her down and have a great night enjoying that hot body. 

Women and Guns

This came up today so I thought I would touch on the subject. I am an avid shooter and sometimes hunter. I have shot guns of some kind since I was a little girl I can outshoot or hold my own with the majority of men. I do not currently carry a pistol with me but I may change that at some point in my life. I am not against it but I just do not have a reason to at this time. I am generally home all day and night and certaintly have enough here at the house to hold off a small army. I am all for women shooting but I really and strongly believe that if a woman chooses to carry a pistol she needs to do more than just take a class.

1. She needs to be fully vested into this and practice often (shooting is fun and great stress relief).

2. She needs to know how to take her pistol apart clean it and put it back together all on her own.

3. She needs to be taught how to handle jams, stove pipes, and all other issues that can happen.

4. She needs to have a lawyer that she has paid a retainer too and sat down with to discuss her rights.  

5. She needs to take the time to talk to her police chief, sheriff, and/or prosecuting attorney.

Having and owning firearms is a huge responsibility and a person needs to know what they are in for and what they can and can not do. 

Expanding My Circles

I tend to get bored in life I get tired of doing the same thing over and over. So for the past couple of months I have been looking into affiliate marketing. I will admit that at this moment I am completely lost. As far as the adult side it seems a little more like a lot confusing and these people that work in this industry give up NO secrets so it is a fight to even learn anything. This all started after Niteflirt decided to change their whole set up. It used to be that if we girls/guys worked hard, put our time in, and worked our customer list we would get decent traffic (people coming to see us). Then Niteflirt started this whole bidding thing along with other changes. So I am no longer in my guys favorites list like I used to me. I am no longer at a place on the list by my hard work. Nope I am BURIED I mean like hundreds of places down from where I used to be. The reason for this is because I refuse to PAY niteflirt to put me in a decent spot. So because of all that I decided to look into advertising venues to get me out there. Yeah not so easy when you work in the adult industry everything is pay to play. I really dont make THAT much money I do okay but not great. From there everyone was screaming affiliate that is where the money is at but I have yet to find that damn Leprechaun. It is fun to learn new stuff and explore new things so I am still hanging in there to see what I can do. 


This is the fetish of talking or listening to sexual stories, pornographic stories, and dirty talk. I dont know how much of this is a fetish though because most the people I know are into this in one way or form. Now before girls out there go oh no I am not into pornography oh really because the last time I checked all those romance novels describe sex and sexual scenarios. I know I greatly enjoy telling a dirty story or talking dirty. I am not really into porn that much at least not the latest version of porn I enjoy a symbalence of a plot even if it is a weak one. I used to enjoy Penthouse Forum when it was still around and have to say a trashy novel is a great way to relax at night. Now I do not HAVE to be stimulated this way to get off so technically it is not a fetish for me but I enjoy it. What about you what kind of dirty stories do you enjoy? Do you have a favorite place or author that you enjoy? Are you more visual are you more into being shown something? If so are you into a certain kind of porn? 

Lesson for Submissive’s

A Story of Isis Isis owned her own cruising boat. Only her most trusted advisors, her most valued serving people would be given the privilege of traveling with her, for the sole purpose of this boat was that she was fully pleasured while on board. Isis was very beautiful. She would be disrobed under a shade sail and all those around her would gasp “Look how beautiful!” As she lay down upon an aromatic raised bed, one of her bands of musicians would begin to play gently in the background. The sounds of shawms, drums and temple bells floated through the air as she looked up into the deep blue heavens, gazing only upon starlight. Tiny honey beeswax candles flickered all around. Palm leaves fanned her cheeks. Isis would begin to breathe deeply and let her cares slip away…… As the boat launched upon the waves, Isis did not know where her journey would take her yet trusted that all was perfect. At her destination, all would be well. Meanwhile, she closed her eyes in deep gratitude and a smile formed upon her graceful face as she anticipated the pleasures ahead……. First her naked body was covered with warm moist towels. When her skin was cleansed and refreshed, her masseuses would arrive. Anointing oils of sweet almond, spicy orange, cinnamon and minty aloe were rubbed slowly into each part of her skin. Particular attention was paid to her head and neck, her spine and shoulders, her arms and hands, her legs and feet. Each time she was turned over, she would hear the faint murmurs of “Look, she’s so beautiful!” Then her specialist Feminine Intimacy Coaches would arrive and commence massaging deeply into each breast simultaneously. These coaches were highly trained and specially selected to guide Isis in developing and heightening her feminine power throughout her life and into her lives to come. Each time they worked with her was an immense pleasure for she received greater depth of intimate knowledge and enjoyment of her own unique and increasingly beautiful body and her sense of self grew secure, powerful and fortress-like. A loving, nurturing relationship had developed between Isis and her trusted Intimacy Coaches. They wanted to ensure she felt her most heightened pleasure for the longest period of time under their tutelage. Their goal was always to promote her ecstasy for longer periods each occasion. The steps leading up to these transporting periods of time were considered highly sacred, as Isis would access insights of other space-time realms during them, if prepared well enough. After her nipples and areolas had been fully aroused, drawn out, and lines drawn from her armpit over her nipple and down to her vulva enough times, the attention would turn fully to her vulva. It was very important she felt a satisfactory time had been spent on her upper body before this next more intimate level of pleasuring commenced, so Isis was always consulted at this point. When she consented to the next level of intimacy, it was consenting to being entered by one of her trusted coaches’ hands and fingers, a matter of high worth and prestige. While this First Coach now had the coveted position of bringing Isis to fully formed deep arousal and orgasm, over and over, in as many creative ways as possible, the Second Coach maintained well-oiled massaging of Isis’ breasts and nipples. The Intimacy Coaches would swap roles during the hours spent in this sacred ritual. The Second Coach would also have the role of observing Isis’ level of response and stimulation, and of directing when a change was required for her benefit, as the leading goal was always to keep Isis at peak levels of climax for as long as possible, so she could access this higher knowledge along with receiving maximum pleasure. The Second Coach was also responsible for maintaining Isis’ level of fluids, her temperature and her body’s need for more oil. On receiving Isis’ consent to bodily penetration, a moment accorded great honor and achievement, the First Intimacy Coach proceeded to spread Isis’ legs very wide apart, rub them into comfort and lightness, and then take time to massage thick juicy oils into her whole vulva. These outer lips protecting her vaginal zone were worked on with great reverence until her walls became swollen red with anticipation. The First Intimacy Coach would touch her clitoris gently, brushing by it nonchalantly on the way to massaging her pubic bone. All of Isis’ chakra centres were by this stage thoroughly awakened and aroused, though her Sacral Chakra was revisited many times to access her highest sexual self. This was located low on her abdomen just above her pubic bone, and was rubbed in a circular motion or pulsated in and out. Beneath this place within the female body there are considered to be a range of arousal spots such as the G-spot, and it can give much pleasure to be pulsated here regularly, such as in between orgasms and to check on water level within the body. With hand firmly pressing on this chakra and her pubic bone, the First Intimacy Coach would reach inside Isis’ quivering vagina with firm fingers, and gently explore all the special soft places on her inside walls, from just inside her entrance to deeper inside, around bone structures, up front and back walls, and side to side before pulling his hand out to massage her clitoris and bring her to further delight. The First Intimacy Coach would alternate between these two actions according Isis’ deepening level of arousal, her vocal sounds, her need for a quiet break. During breaks, Isis’ outer body would continue being massaged gently throughout, as it was known that this time plateau was a meditative space for her. Isis’s breathing and heartbeat would slow right down while she received knowledge in pictures and scenes and even conversations from her Higher Guides about other worlds and possibilities. This period would be an opportunity for the Intimacy Coaches to discreetly swap roles, often without Isis noticing since the two coaches were very skilled in keeping up her breast massage and contact with her skin without a break while they moved around changing positions. The new First Intimacy Coach now had the enviable role of deepening Isis’ orgasmic experience even further, building and capitalizing on every sensual and sexual achievement so far. By this stage, Isis would experience the sensation of splitting wide open, her body bared for all to see, and the First Coach would be enabled to reach in deeper still and stroke and stimulate her in previously hidden and unexplored intimate places. Her vocalizing and bringing of Amrita fountains to the surface was encouraged and highly prized by all upon whom her droplets fell. This was considered high good luck as an extraordinary level of health would be experienced thereafter. In fact, it was an ecstatic feeling to be bathed in Isis’ waters, so often her followers leaned in at the height of her orgasmic flow! The Intimacy Coaches would alternate roles to prolong and extend Isis’ own experience for as long as she wished it. Often she would need to stop after a number of hours and refuel her body with grapes, wine as well as water, and protein-rich food which had been beautifully prepared for her, before a new regime would begin all over again. Or Isis would request some time out just to lie still in the warmth of the Egyptian evening air, gazing at the stars…….. Written by Ruth art by google602907_299434420184309_179897279_n

Real Girls Doing Really Dirty Things