For all of you that live in the northern regions and even some of us that live in the south we are in for a very cold  couple of days. Time to stock up a little on food and fuel and nice fuzzy blankets. Make sure you are checking on all those outdoor animals because it is going to be a big drop for a lot of them and not everyone can handle the huge change. I am stocked up on wood and have a freezer full of food so we will not have to get out if we do not want to.  Chilly and I will be home all week so if you get a little lonely give us a call. We can have some fun and get your blood flowing a bit.

Awesome Christmas Present

I was suppose to get this before Christmas and through no fault of my slave it did not arrive on time. I got it at the post office today and it was HEAVY! I really enjoy getting surprises in the mail and this one was stuffed completely full. I do not think he could have got anything else into it.  Of course it came in a plain brown box but inside the plain box was

DSC09734 DSC09735


I really liked the box and it is a big old fashion hat box! After I took the lid off this is what I saw



Oh yes those are some gorgeous shoes



I can not wait to so a foot worshiping video in these and the leather is so so soft.

Okay I do really like bright flashy socks and these are just awesome. They are some Betsey Johnson’s


How about a bright Gucci Shirt yes I am a tshirt and jeans kinda girl most the time but hey even that can have some flair


I have some new perfume I have never worn this before so I am super excited to try it out it is Boucheron.



My other perfume I got was Vanitas just the box and bottle is gorgeous



This box of socks is so cute I might put them on display for awhile before I open them



I think one of my very favorite things out of the box was the Chanel Bracelet this is just really nice and so my style

DSC09746 DSC09745




This is such a cute picture frame and really heavy now I just have to figure out who is going in it 🙂


Diva is generally not a word used to describe me I am way to dominate for that but this is so adorable



A whole bunch of accessory jewelry bold and beautiful and so Goddess like









Lastly the awesome card that was tucked away inside




This was just a wonderful surprise and I was thrilled to get it.



This Last Week

I took a few days off last week away from everything electrical and it was awesome! Slept in had some fun with one of my sluts and just recharged my sexual battery. Then I came home late Thursday and started getting sick by Saturday I was really icky. I slept pretty much all day and it really helped. Today I am almost back to normal. I rarely get sick and when I do I just sleep it off I know not everyone can do that I used to work corporate. Been trying to catch up on everything lately. So the next few days will be really busy. I have almost all my Christmas Shopping done of course I order it in. LOL Great things are going on this coming year of course I tell myself that every year. 


I have been watching this whole thing surrounding Paul Walker. I will be the first to admit that I am not the type of person to follow celebrities I know who they are and what they have been in but never been the fan type. I did know more about his charity involvement than most people did only because I follow disasters and see people’s names in the news. What really disturbs me is the extreme amount of nastiness that as a society we are starting to show. I do not know if people think they are funny or if they really are just horrid people every single day. I am honestly starting to think it is more the later. In day to day dealings with people I have noticed we are quick to throw down a judgement without even finding out any facts. We throw around horrible things and take no responsibility for our actions nor our words. We have and are becoming more and more a society that is so into ourselves that half the time I do not even think we see the world around us never less react to it. I know in the end the only thing that will change us is a huge disaster that sets peoples priorities back on each other and off of the newest and the greatest thing. 

Real Girls Doing Really Dirty Things