Role Plays

Okay let me start off by saying some of the most awesome calls I have had have been role play calls. Let me also say some of the WORST calls I have had guess what have been role play calls. To a customer if you want to do a role play that is awesome but think it out before you call. If you just call a girl up and tell her ‘surprise me’, ‘I do not know’, ‘do what ever you want’, or my personal favorite ‘do what turns you on’ I can guarantee you will be disappointed. First off unless we have talked ALOT I have no clue what turns you on or turns you off. If you ask me what I enjoy well either I will pick something that you have no interest in or something that completely turns you off. For example one of my favorite things is strap on and forced bi if you are into that we will have a great time, however if you are looking for the naughty neighbor next door you are now completely unhappy with me. It is not fair to me nor to you if you do not have an idea with what you want. I have been told so many times that I am awesome at taking a basic story line and turning it into a great fun time. I can not pull something out of thin air though and a lot of times that is what is seems like guys try to do. If you will take a few moments to think out what you are wanting to enjoy and then take a few moments like maybe 3 minutes to give me or any other operator what is running through your head it can completely change the experience for you. When I ask you what you have been thinking about it is because I want to know I am not killing time I am trying to figure out how to make this experience the best it can be for you and for me.  



Welcome to my wicked world. Femdom, Fetish Queen and Kinky Advisor Goddess Bella Donna aka Mysteria on NF loves to hear your confessions, dominate you and control your world. I specialize in Fetish and Femdom, Paranormal Roleplay and give loving advice to alternative lifestyle newbies. Give me a call and let’s get to know each other. Mature, BBW with a down to earth attitude, easy laugh and a wicked imagination.

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Wow And Made Me Laugh So Hard

So I got this tweet today and I know it is spam but just the thought of it made me laugh so hard. 

Hey! who is this and why is she posting private pics of you!


Are you kidding me with all the girls I have slept me all I could think of what really who the hell knows. Guess you just have to be a dirty girl like me to fully grasp the humor of that. 

Autassassinophilia (being put in a position of grave harm)

I have been doing these types of articles for a long time and those of you that have followed my blogs over the years should be use to my blogs on different fetishes. I just reblogged a really good article from a psychological  and academic point of view. I have other the years come across several people who were into being placed in situations where they would come to harm. Do I or have I ever thought these people ACTUALLY wanted to die. Absolutely not!!! Like all situations of this nature it is the thrill of the moment they are after the butterfly in the stomach, the rush, and the exchange of control. I would never participate in something if I thought that person wanted to harm themselves. The situations where people actually die through these setups I honestly believe are purely accidental or they happen across someone that wants to murder someone. So basically they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. While I understand the mental portion of this I do not and have not ever participated in a physical encounter of this nature. I personally would not want the responsibility nor the guilt if something this drastic happend to someone. I know this is a deep fetish for us to start out on this new blog but it just came up in the draw which is how I do all of them. So thoughts feelings be them negative or positive. 

Long Days Lots of Work

I have been working super hard to get a lot of stuff done especially on this blog. I have so far got some of our long movies up, our shorter movies, some recordings, and hopefully here in the next couple of days you will see picture sets going up too. I am not very good with html I can do it but it requires me thinking about it. Chilly recently got some inflatables and she has been having a lot of fun with them. Hopefully in the next couple of days we can get some movies and pictures of her playing with them.  The weather is getting cooler and we have lots to get done outside before winter gets here. We heat with wood heat which I adore something homey and wonderful it is. The down side is it requires some preparation to be ready for the cold. 

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