Autassassinophilia (being put in a position of grave harm)

I have been doing these types of articles for a long time and those of you that have followed my blogs over the years should be use to my blogs on different fetishes. I just reblogged a really good article from a psychological  and academic point of view. I have other the years come across several people who were into being placed in situations where they would come to harm. Do I or have I ever thought these people ACTUALLY wanted to die. Absolutely not!!! Like all situations of this nature it is the thrill of the moment they are after the butterfly in the stomach, the rush, and the exchange of control. I would never participate in something if I thought that person wanted to harm themselves. The situations where people actually die through these setups I honestly believe are purely accidental or they happen across someone that wants to murder someone. So basically they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. While I understand the mental portion of this I do not and have not ever participated in a physical encounter of this nature. I personally would not want the responsibility nor the guilt if something this drastic happend to someone. I know this is a deep fetish for us to start out on this new blog but it just came up in the draw which is how I do all of them. So thoughts feelings be them negative or positive. 

Long Days Lots of Work

I have been working super hard to get a lot of stuff done especially on this blog. I have so far got some of our long movies up, our shorter movies, some recordings, and hopefully here in the next couple of days you will see picture sets going up too. I am not very good with html I can do it but it requires me thinking about it. Chilly recently got some inflatables and she has been having a lot of fun with them. Hopefully in the next couple of days we can get some movies and pictures of her playing with them.  The weather is getting cooler and we have lots to get done outside before winter gets here. We heat with wood heat which I adore something homey and wonderful it is. The down side is it requires some preparation to be ready for the cold. 

Are Women Porn Stars Happier than average women?

I was reading an article that posed this question and it really got me to thinking. In some ways I think it is true but it all depends on the portion of a person’s life you are looking at and whether they have a strong support system. I think women in the porn industry are more in tune with their sexuality they have been forced to examine a lot of aspects of their sexuality.  If a porn woman has a partner that is comfortable with her line of work and does not use it to pick fights or put her down then I think that yes she and her partner are a lot more open and honest with each other. I run into a number of men who never tell their partners their fantasies because of all the fallout from that.  I think in some ways working in the adult industry frees women to think and feel how they truly feel about their own sexuality.

Ms Lexi Lala

Ms Lexi Lala

Had a great time with my friend Lexi over the last couple of days. She is like me a country girl. She came down and went deer hunting for a day (it was suppose to be a couple of days) but she got one the very first morning she went out. So we spent the next couple of days lounging around the house having fun and getting her stuff set up on Niteflirt. She is moving down close to me around the first of next month and I am super excited. She is professional dancer so some of you might know her from the clubs. Like me she is dominate and really enjoys butting bitch boys and girls in their place. Give her a call and have some fun with her.


It is looking like we will have some new shoots coming up here in the near future. We are looking at getting with some brand new girls. Wanting so bad to do some bondage stuff. The thought of dominating a female with a few other girls just sounds awesome. I have not worked out all the details yet but I really do hope that things work out with this. One of my favorite things has been shooting movies. Here lately though things have not worked out like I wanted them too and the types of movies I could shoot were in no means the creative fun, sexy ones I wanted to shoot. I will keep you informed of everything that comes around on this.

Feather Touch

Are you into tickling or being tickled? What fun it is to make someone laugh so hard they just can not stop.

Chilly and I are playing with an ostrich feather tickling each other all over. Letting that feather caress our naked bodies and making each other laugh. Chilly is super ticklish and it is fun to make her laugh so hard from the lightest touch.


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Real Girls Doing Really Dirty Things