Pantyhose Destruction

Pantyhose destruction fascination or fetish comes in some different ways. Some men enjoy having women wear nylons for them. There are men that enjoy wearing pantyhose themselves. A smaller number of men are into the destruction of pantyhose.  They enjoy the way the nylon feels as it slowly rips. Watching the runs start to form, and the strands start to stretch until it gives way to the pull on each side. Most people are not aware, but pantyhose have a smell that comes from the nylon particles being separated. When it comes to specific fetishes such as pantyhose destruction the details are the most critical part. Sounds, smells, sight all play into the turn on for the person with the fetish.

Through the years I have talked in depth with some men who all enjoy variations of this type of play. Generally, it starts with innocent events of no sexual nature. These events can be brushing up against a pantyhose covered leg to snag it and cause a run. This simple act of accidental destruction can start a chain reaction to a fetish. Pantyhose destruction evokes a sense of euphoric pleasure through the course of demolishing the nylon.  Destruction of pantyhose can be compared to popping balloons or bubbles.  The sexual side of it is complicated in how it presents and unique to each person.

Women destroying pantyhose while men watch there is often a layer of a power play. The men are forced to sit there while their favorite article of clothing torn to pieces.  Most often it is playful a tease and denial of what is allowed.  The women wear a silky pair of hose enabling the men to stroke their legs. The fun part comes when a man gets worked up then told to sit. The men generally do not enjoy the destruction process they enjoy buildup and tease. In the end, the sexual portion comes into play when the men do what the woman asks to attempt to save their favorite pair of hose.

Pantyhose destruction involving men and women can also come with the role play of passion. Think about the romance novel scene where a man passionately grabs a woman and tears her pantyhose off.  It takes people out of the healthy sexuality and adds a level of spice to a night.

There are a number of fetishes that invoke a level of misunderstanding. Pantyhose destruction has an element often misunderstood by people who have never experienced it. Having been exposed to this fetish along with other fetishes, it is fun to play with. I enjoy power play situations especially those that evoke a man to be uncomfortable.  Two people can appreciate each other’s differences, and both enjoy the moment even if they do not share the same fetishes.

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