Pantyhose And Oil Clips4sale

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Pantyhose And Oil
Price: $5.99
Size: 202 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her bright pink bra that she has had on all day long and her very sheer well worn dark pantyhose. You can see where they have a long run in the leg. It is time for them to go to some other use. These hose are some she has worn for a long time and got all the use out of she can. She decides to have some messy naughty fun with a bit of oil. Chilly has always enjoyed the feel of oil on her skin and how slick it makes anything that touches her even if that is nylon. Showing off her long legs before she gets out that bottle of oil. She takes out her bottle of oil. Starting at her tiny feet she slathers the oil all over those size 5 feet and those nylon pantyhose. Rubbing it into her soles and working the oil all over the tops of her feet she likes the way it makes the pantyhose stick to her skin. She works lots of oil into her shins and calf taking the time to make sure those hose are good and soaked. After she gets both of her feet nice and oil soaked she walks right up to your face. Letting you see those natural blonde curls peeking through those very sheer hose. Pouring that oil all over her inner thigh she coats her porcelain skin and black pantyhose completely. She works that oil into her flat stomach and pussy. Teasing herself as she coats her vagina through those nylon hose. Of course she needs to make sure that her ass is completely covered in oil. Rubbing her oil all over her pussy, legs, and tiny feet. Letting that oil soak into those hose makes her pussy very wet. When she is done her skin glistens through those dark well worn black sheer pantyhose.


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