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Have you ever noticed how people perceive things so differently depending on their character and personality? How some people can weather the greatest storms and crisis only to be undone by a small inconvenience, while others break apart the moment that something is just slightly out of step and they act as if they couldn’t even do the basics to get back on track?

Some people see everything that happens around them or is being said as a personal attack on them, even so the speaker or doer probably didn’t even have them in mind at all. Some people make huge Matterhorn type of Mountains out of a little hiccup happening, instead of just going with the flow and finding a work around for it.

Some people are not happy unless they get to complain about something. Anything at all, doesn’t matter but unless they get to be “annoyed”, “stressed out” or “miserable” about something and make other people the same way their day is just not complete.

Then you have those who are pretty easy go lucky. Oh hell yeah we get out knocks, our share of problems, our stress moments, but in general we understand that all those things are just part of life and will pass again. We tackle bad situations with a smile as much as possible and laugh at the stupid things that are going wrong, knowing that we are probably not alone in experiencing them.

Some take the success of others as a personal insult, while others are genuinely pleased when someone else is successful as well. Some have to be the ONLY one that matters, and others enjoy being part of a team and working together. Some try to give good and solid advice, others love to put those good hearted souls who give from their pool of wisdom down. Wow we human beings are sure enough one strange brew of personalities.

Regardless if business, life in general or relationships, some of us (including me)  try to keep a largely positive outlook. Maybe because we did have enough in our life happening to us that we know this is really just a small issue, and that in the big picture there are a lot worse things happening to someone else or have happened to us in the past.

I know I have had those reminder kicks in my ass many times in the past. So aggravated about something that happened to me here on Niteflirt or somewhere else. Being angry, feeling indignation, how “dare they” do that to me. LOL… only they didn’t really do anything to me, I just happened to be caught in a developmental problem, etc. Just when I am working myself up in a nice little moment of righteousness (don’t you all love those?) I get an email from a friend telling me her husband just had to be taken to the Hospital with a heart problem. Boy did that put things in perspective for me. Oh yeah, my little self-important righteousness just flew with hyper speed right out of the window, and I actually felt ashamed of myself. Here I made such a big deal out of something that will be blown over in a few hours, while someone else out there is undergoing real issues.

Or like my silly ass laptop problems yesterday that literally caused me to stop having to work all day to fix it, but laughed about later on last night since I had just made the comment the day before that I really needed a day away from the phones and working on the laptop. Guess the universe gave me exactly what I thought I needed just not the way I expected it. Be careful what you ask for folks or ask for it in very specific terms. 😛 Either way I got what I wanted (no work or dealing with others for a day), but I sure had other stress moments (resetting all my computer stuff which took hours to get done), positive side so was that in between I got to sit back and read for a while which is something I love. I’d say the day wasn’t all lost was it? So thank you universe but can we please do it a different way next time maybe? Yes, I do look and always find the silver lining, because there always ends up being one if you look hard enough.

Now if you are the type of person that actually doesn’t enjoy being down all the time and you want to keep something in your arsenal that puts you back in a frame of mind that allows you to realize that most of the things we encounter here or in most areas of our life are really just tiny little things, buy yourself a copy of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and watch the show from time to time. Go ahead, watch it and stand in awe for a while of something truly magnificent and great. If you still feel like you are the most important thing in the universe and that everything revolves just around you after watching that, I can’t help you further. I know for me when I get my moments of grandeur this pulls me off my throne real fast and reminds me just how truly insignificant I am in the big picture of the things around me. Special, unique, amazing – yes all those things just like you, but utterly insignificant in the long run. What a great thought if you think about it. It means you don’t have to carry the burden of the world on your shoulders any longer, even you Mighty Mouse get to take a break from the stress once in a while.

Have a lovely day and remember to be grateful for the good things in life.




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