Rubber Butt Plugs

This is was the first butt plug I got and I have had it for years. It is rubber which means it does not have ‘pores’. This is a great starter size if you are wanting to explore anal. A lot of people want to try it but are not really sure where and how to start. Sure you can look at a porn site but they are not the greatest for real life how to. There are a lot of guys out there that want to try anal with their significant other but are not sure how to bring it up in a way that makes them feel safe. For a guy there are a lot of reasons why anal is pleasurable when done on him the prostate is enjoyable for a man when it is messaged. Also the entrance of the anus has a lot of nerve endings which can bring a lot of pleasure. Butt plugs are generally a starting point and this line is a nice way to start. I do not own the full line of them as I have other butt plugs but rubber is a great substance to buy because of its ease of cleaning and allergic reactions to it are very rare.

You can always start out with this size and move up in the line from there.




This is the medium size in this same line of toys I do not own the larger sizes just the slim one.



Here is large and it comes in extra large but that is pretty advanced for most people



I think the differences in color is just lightening from when the pictures are taken. If you are wanting something small and inexpensive to try out and see if you or or partner likes anal than this is a really good one to start with. I have had mine for well over 10 years it has held up well with multiple play sessions and the rubber itself does not have any pitting or scratches on it. Cleaning of toys is very important.


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