Our fetish today is sacofriccosis which means cutting a hole in one’s pocket so that they are able to masturbate in public in a way that is less likely for them to to be caught.  Now from my research it is seems that men and women both do this. I would have thought it would be far more male oriented, but it might just be something that women never talk about. I do know that a lot of women enjoy the insert able eggs that vibrate so this would not be a far stretch from that.  After reading about this I will say I am far more observant to who has their hands in their pockets and wonder if they are actually trying to find their keys or looking having a more intimate moment with themselves. I would imagine like most fetishes done in public this one is also about the thrill of doing something naughty where one might get caught. I could not really find anything stating if the person was doing this was trying to reach orgasm or if it was something that is all about the thrill and stretching out the experience. If the person does not want to actually want to orgasm in public but just work themselves up to a frenzy with the orgasm coming at a much later time.  As this is one of the few fetishes I had heard of for a very long time I happen to think that this might be very prevalent  in society. Granted most of us know this from the the slang term “pocket pool” it is still well known. I did find it quite interesting that that was ended with a “cosis” this would indicate that at some point it was scene as some type of psychosis.  Makes me wonder if at some time in our history if we were treating this with electricity. If so where would the electricity have been administered too? In all serious though is there anyone out there that has done this and is willing to admit to it? Did you think about it beforehand or just happen to find a little hole in a pocket that you ripped out further? What type of settings would you find yourself more turned on in? The million dollar question did you tease yourself to orgasm or was that a later goal for you? Put your answers in the comment section below.


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