Silicone Bit Gag

I actually own this toy and it is one of my favorite gags that I currently have.  It does smell like rubber when you first get it but after a while that smell goes away. I like it because it can be worn comfortably by a sub for an extended amount of time. I do not have much in pony play yet so I just use it as a general gag. If you are planning on keeping your sub in restraints this works great. The problem with the ball gags is they are generally very hard plastic which causes the jaw to ache in a very unattractive non fun way. They also can be dangerous with mouth jewelry it is not fun to make someone’s lip or tongue bleed from it getting caught. The straps on those tend to be layered hard material which cuts into the cheeks of female submissives. This particular bit gag does not do any of that. It does not keep a submissive from speaking but a well behaved slave does not need anything but self control. Check it out I think you will be just as happy with it as I am with mine. I have had mine for a few years and it is still brand new looking.

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