Silicone Anal Toys

We talked earlier this week about a rubber line of anal toys there is another really nice toy that I personally have that is made out of silicone. Now these only come in one size that I have ever seen so they are not as versatile if you are wanting to buy a whole series of toys. This is a nice toy though in that it is made of medical grade silicone is easy to clean and the design of the base is nice. I have had mine for around four years and so far it has held up really well. The feel of it is different than the rubber ones hard to explain just different. The rubber ones seems harder and this one has a little more give to it.  These do come in a couple of colors so there is a choice there as you see mine is purple. This is a great starter toy if you really just want a small anal toy to play with every now and then and like the colors offered. They are inexpensive running under $10 and would make a great gift for a new brides gift basket.



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