Sissy Feminization

Sissy femininization is one of the more popular subjects that I talk about on the phone. The basis of the subject can vary greatly but there are a lot of men that like to thing about this type of  role play. I try to get men to talk about what they are into because the sessions have such a large degree of difference between one person to another. Some men want to only be about girls they want to be completely dressed up and turned into women in all ways. Dressing  up in girls clothes, wearing makeup, and even wigs. To all men that are into being sissified and feminization the outfit from top to bottom is extremely important.  To some men they want to be dominated by a woman with a strap on while others want to have a lesbian session.  For a large portion though they want to be forced or made into bi sexual activities with other men. They are not into being on their own most of them want a woman involved. They desire that power exchange that happens between a sissy and a woman.

All men that I have ever spoken with or played with in person have been about the process of becoming a woman. They want to enjoy the feeling of the fabric. Being made to get rid of all their manly things is a huge liberation for them. The touch of silky things is a huge turn on for all the sissies.  Feminization involves the use of make up to create a more girly person. Men are often fascinated by makeup but often leary of it. It is like a complex toy that they want but are too afraid to touch. The feel of the lipstick as it slide on their lips is often a complete mind changing event. For some men the process of feminization is the only thing they crave and they want to go as deep  into that process either mentally or physically as they can possibly go. For other men they crave a sexual nature to their process they want to experience sexual relations as women do either through strapons or real men.  I enjoy feminization and sissy sessions because of the light hearted nature of everyone involved. It is a fun time that allows a lot of creativity, teasing, and power exchange.


Have you ever thought about sissification and feminization? Ever wore panties or maybe tried on makeup? Tell me in the comments below.

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