I have been watching this whole thing surrounding Paul Walker. I will be the first to admit that I am not the type of person to follow celebrities I know who they are and what they have been in but never been the fan type. I did know more about his charity involvement than most people did only because I follow disasters and see people’s names in the news. What really disturbs me is the extreme amount of nastiness that as a society we are starting to show. I do not know if people think they are funny or if they really are just horrid people every single day. I am honestly starting to think it is more the later. In day to day dealings with people I have noticed we are quick to throw down a judgement without even finding out any facts. We throw around horrible things and take no responsibility for our actions nor our words. We have and are becoming more and more a society that is so into ourselves that half the time I do not even think we see the world around us never less react to it. I know in the end the only thing that will change us is a huge disaster that sets peoples priorities back on each other and off of the newest and the greatest thing. 

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  1. sorry i can’t agree with you on this. i think the majority of us that keep up with them things going on either by cable news or reading know what is going on. we have been involved in a huge disaster since 911,just ask the families that have lost their loved ones and won’t have them to celebrate the holidays with. i would never wish for a huge disaster. we have already had plenty in our history of America. Remember our soldiers that have given their lives for us to have the best country in the world to live in. we have our faults,but the good far outweighs the bad. we are a nation of giving more especially during these holidays. I know personally I have donated to helping feeding the even more poor then me. I’m sorry my experience with people in general has been much better then what you either observe or experience. I hope maybe you can look for some good things that are happening . Pray for our soldiers

    1. I wish I could say that people cared for our soldiers but as a society not as individuals we do not. If we did we would pull them out of places that are not a threat to us as a nation. We are not defending freedom we are defending dollars. We would stop electing these old foogies back into office over and over that only care about lining their pockets and couldnt care less about people dying ours or theirs. We do not have the best country anymore I wish we did but we do not. Our infant mortality rate is horrid our education rate is horrid. Our military is failing because our children are too uneducated to enter it. Prayer is the last thing we need we need something to remind us that we are all connected. I have no family so I understand not having people to celebrate with and it is not the holidays that should concern with it is the rest of the year. Maybe because I have a degree in political science I see our modern wars differently I see how the politicians gained monetary gain. I understand why they people in the middle east feel the way they do about us. I am not defending them just saying I see their position. We have become a country where it is okay to lie, cheat, and steal. Where people’s deaths are entertainment. I have donated time, money, and lots of other things to people just to see them take more and more. I used to believe in good of people but these last few years I have seen a huge change in how we treat each other, how we act towards each other, and more importantly how we think about each other. Prayer will not cause people to have compassion towards each other.

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