I have to say I really like the name of this fetish there is just something about the word sthenolagnia. For those of you that are not familiar with it (don’t feel bad I didn’t either) it is the worship of muscles. I have actually known people with this fetish. They were men and they were into calf muscles as well as biceps. There seems to be a larger number of men that are into women’s biceps than into other muscles. I never had a man tell me exactly what was a trigger for them. Though a few have talked about watching women body builders when they were going through puberty.  While I am sure there a number of men into a strong women with muscles most that I have had interaction with are just into looking at the muscle. They want to see how it is  when it is flexed. The harder and bigger the muscle is the more they are turned on by the muscle. Though most people are not familiar with this fetish by it’s name it really is a more prevalent fetish. It is more prevalent in men but we all know that woman that talks about the muscles on a man. I know many a woman that talks about how much a man’s chest or big arms turned her on. Women are less likely to admit that something is a fetish.   Those that are into this fetish tend to be smaller and no where near the muscle mass of the one they are worshiping. This does not seem to necessarily follow the lines of sexual orientation. A straight man may feel the want and desire to worship another man’s muscles but not have a sexual desire for that man. For women there does seem to be a sexual aspect to it. A woman wants to be able to touch more than just the muscle of that man. This is very much a form of body worship with the sexual pull and desire coming directly from the worship of the muscle. This is a pull to just the particular body part more than from the whole package of the person. I am very curious to hear from those of you that are into this fetish male or female. Tell me about your personal experience in the comments below. When you first noticed your self being pulled to a strong hard muscle.

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