Susan Does The Big Apple

I finally finished the next chapter in Susan Does it only took a long time. It was not because I was lazy; I have been writing this entire time, but it was for other people. My goal is to complete a story a week for my site. This coming week will be a pantyhose story, but I have not worked out the plotline. I like to work with extended storylines. The request for a pantyhose story is from one of my Patreon’s and those are my favorite ones to complete. I will be working on my freelance offers this week. The amount of support I Have seen from LinkedIn and my fans have been incredible. Susan Does had the start of a hired story. The gentleman said he wanted a ten-part series. He was excited about me publishing it but wanted the names changed. In the end, like so many other times last year, he ran out of funds for his story. I already had it plotted out, so it had to be finished. My one hope is that he continues to readjust changing the name to the woman that haunted his fantasies. If you want to read the latest chapter you can see it early on my Patreon. It is available on Amazon

Susan has been spending her months at home, taking care of her husband and family over the holidays. The new year is bringing adventures. She flies into the city in a significant snowstorm. Her plans for shopping sprees are cut short by nasty weather that will keep her confined for the week. After a nice hot bath, Susan makes her way down to the restaurant. Sitting in a quiet corner, she spots her high school lover. They talk for most of the evening until they retire to her suite. 


The airport was chaotic, and the energy had given her a headache. There was a long line of taxis as she stepped out onto the concrete walkway. The blast of arctic air started a shiver that ran her entire body. The next step, her high heels slipped out from under her, and she would have hit the concrete had it not been for a well-dressed twenty-year-old. The stranger caught her arm and her butte before she made a non-graceful entry to New York City. “Sorry, but you were going to take a nasty fall,” he apologized. Susan thanked him as he opened the next taxi for her.

The blast of heat felt fantastic even if the car smelled like stale cigarettes and body odor. The ride into the city across the icy streets took twice as long there were three other passengers in the car one back with her and one sitting upfront with the driver. No one spoke much as they made their trip into the city the day had beaten all fo them down. Susan was the last passenger to be dropped off the doorman quickly opened the door and helped her inside while a bell boy grabbed her bags. The hotel was art deco something out of the thirties or forties with a lot of brass accents. Cynthia had arranged for her to have a suite to have meetings with the new client. 

The bell boy brought her bags in and helped her get settled she tipped him double what she would at home partially because of being in New York, and she felt terrible for him having to be in the cold. Susan kicked off her five-inch heels and dug her nyloned toes into the soft carpet. The soft rug relaxed the muscles cramped up for hours in her shoes. She wanted one thing after the day’s events, a nice hot long soak in the massive tub. Martin had called several times while she was getting to her hotel. She knew the weather would have him agitated. Her husband was one of the best people she had ever known, but he was predictable. They talked while the tub filled, and Susan cannot help, but her fingers trail crossed her body. She wanted to tease him about her actions but was unsure how he would react to her self pleasure. 

Susan Does Houston

Susan Moore is a happily married woman who has been a housewife for over twenty years. As her children leave to go off to college she joins her best friend at a marketing firm. Susan finds herself in a world she has never been before. She is successful with her new job and given the opportunity to travel. Finding herself in cities as a total stranger she finds the freedom to explore parts of her sexuality she never knew she had. This is the first installment of Susan Does in this part she finds herself in Houston, Texas. Meeting a passionate stranger that sweeps her off her feet. Susan enjoys a night of dancing and drinking. Then letting this stranger take control they go back to her room. She has always been a conservative woman in all areas of her life. With this stranger she let herself go and finds sexuality buried inside her that the stranger brings to the surface. This is a coming to age book where a woman in her sexuality prime finds lovers who push her boundaries. When she returns home to her husband her life goes back to the normal she has always known.


Typically she would have found it rude that he made such an assumption but tonight was about being far from ordinary; she reminded herself. Letting her self go as he swept her onto the dance floor and they ground against each other like something out of that movie with Patric Swayze. His smell was more intoxicating than that fruity drink could ever be. She found herself wrapping her arms around his neck and enjoying how he handled her in such a forceful manner. He was a take charge kind of person that was easy to spot, and she felt comfortable letting him have that control for the moment. They danced and laughed until they were both lathered up. Her hair was falling all around her shoulders, and his smell had become more manly with every ’80s hit the band belted out. After a few hours, he grasped her by the small of her back and kissed her passionately taking her breath entirely away. The stranger stared intensely into her hazel eyes and said quietly, “I want you.” Biting down on her lip the response that comes out of her mouth shocked her, “I want you too.” With that simple statement, he grabbed her hand and led her back to the elevator.

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Susan Does The Treasure State

Susan has spent all Summer being a good wife and mother to her family. Everyone leaves for fall activities, and she is ready to get back to her career. Her best friend and boss Cynthia send Susan to Montana to help an oil tycoon fix issues with his company after a horrible oil spill. What Susan does not expect is to have an attraction to this billionaire. She spends several weeks in his mansion in the mountains away from society. The days are spent fixing his company and the nights are spent in passion. Susan explores bondage and anal with a passionate man who turns her on in ways her husband Martin could never do. She enjoys being a naughty wife away from home letting herself go with the intensity of the moment. Being used by a man gives her orgasms she never thought she would have as a spouse.


They sat on a love seat with the fire crackling in front of them. She felt comfortable with this man she had only met today, and she wanted him to rip that dress right off her. After she finished her second drink, Brandon moved over and captured her lips with his. She leaned into him and enjoyed the taste of the alcohol on his lips. They sat there for a long time enjoying each other’s mouths, exploring deeper with their tongues, and lightly caressing. “Would you like to join me for a bath, Susan?”, Brandon asked. She laughed lightly and said, “I am a bit sore from the ride a bath sounds wonderful.”

Making their way to the back of the office, Brandon opened a door leading to a staircase that went straight to his bedroom. She made her way into the bathroom and saw his tub it was massive the size of a regular hot tub. She started the water it had three spigots, so it filled faster. Walking up behind her, Brandon poured a small amount of fragrant bubble bath into the water and started the jets. He then reached down and grabbed her hand leading her back to the bedroom. Going down on his knees he undid the straps on her shoes taking them off one by one. Lifting her delicate foot, he kissed each toe before placing it back down.

Standing up, Brandon turned her around, so she was facing the mirror. She was positioned in a way to see them both, and she liked it. She was watching, and that made her feel naughty and almost wicked. Brandon pulled her hair to one side kissing down her neck his five o’clock shadow had a roughness she enjoyed. Grabbing the zipper, he slowly pulled it down, pushing that red fabric off her shoulders and dropped to the floor. In the mirror was a woman she did not recognize sexy in the white lace of bra and panties. Reaching up she touched the fabric she had never really looked at herself as a woman before. Brandon encouraged her to feel herself, and it was empowering to do so. After a few minutes, he reached up and undid her bra letting it drop with the dress. Hooking his strong masculine fingers on each side of her panties he pulled them down slowly exposing her bush of curly hair.

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Sun, Sand & Sex

This is part two of Susan Does Chronicle. She has spent the summer doing all the great housewife things. Tired of being around her house and getting her career back on track she takes a new assignment from her boss and best friend, Cynthia. Off to an exclusive resort for a week of research to market to the elite of society. She is meeting up with one of the owners Susan has a sexual affair with one of the owner’s of the paradise resort. She continues to find her sexuality with the help of an aggressive man. There is a lot of oral sex with his nice large penis. She explores some anal play through the course of the week with this exciting lover of hers.


They chatted on and off through the flight it was easy to be with him and by the time they reached the last airport Susan was feeling an attraction to this man that she thought was mutual. It was just a short drive to the dock and the boat they would be taking to the island. Susan had not understood what the ship was till she saw it. The yacht was massive, and everything about it said luxury. Joseph placed his hand in the small of her back guiding her up the ramp and onto the ship. Once on board the Captain met them talking easily to Joseph. This man was worth billions, but everyone spoke to him like they would an old friend. He told her they would be staying in rooms that were side by side. It was only the two of them and a staff of four on the boat, plus the chef. He advised her that every member of their team was overqualified and paid at a level to keep them very happy. Joseph took in her whole outfit then advice she might want to change into something a bit more tropical. Susan was sticky from all the traveling and shower sounded like a great idea. After her shower and dressing in a light skirt and tank top with some sandals, she met him on the middle deck for dinner.

It was not until they sat down together that she realized how hungry she was. The food was heaven everything that touched her lips was something spectacular. They started with a bottle of white wine it was enjoyable to be quiet with each other. There was almost an electric charge between them, and when the conversation came, it was relaxed. Well into the evening it was time for bed. Joseph escorted her to her room. It was not until she was standing in front of her door that she thought about what to do. This man did not become so rich by being passive. He placed his arm beside her head.

Leaning in she could smell him. Gently he pushed her against the rich wood of the walls of the ship. She thought he would kiss her with passion instead though he let his lips barely brush against hers. Using his lips, he teased her very slowly. It was a huge turn on, but she quickly wanted more. They were standing in the hallway, but he did not care. Reaching down he slid his hands up underneath her lightweight skirt, brushing against her silk panties just like he was kissing her lips. The touch was gentle and slow.

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Double In Davenport

Susan has been behaving in the manner a good housewife should behave. She is tired of staying home and ready to get back to working a new big client and finding a lover or in this case maybe two. Susan’s marketing consultant job takes her to Davenport, Iowa to meet up with partners who are creating a neighborhood designed for the young and well to do. The two elderly partners take her out on the town to show her the demographics of those they are marketing too. Susan has a great evening eating fabulous food and drinking a bit more than she is used to doing. Before the evening is over, she is introduced to two young investors in the project. Christopher who is smoldering and dark but sexy. Anthony who is quiet the kind of man that goes after what he wants. The two partners excuse themselves leaving Susan in the care of these two younger men. After enjoying the rest of their evening, they close down the club. She is escorted back to her hotel, and the two men join her in her room. Susan who has always been such a dutiful wife is exposed to a world she never knew existed. She gets tagged teamed by these two men. One of them has a massive cock bigger than anything she has ever seen. Susan has an evening of passion she would never get at home.


They all sat around talking about the project for a while, Susan took notes and listened. The night was getting longer, and the older men were starting to get a bit tired. John asked,” We old men need our sleep, would you two mind showing Susan a good time and making sure she makes it to her hotel safely?” The older men departed with Susan telling them she would see them the following day. It took a few more rounds of drinks that tasted perfect but contained more alcohol than she generally consumed before Susan could be enticed onto the dance floor. The music had been changed out to something with a steady beat that seduced the body into motion. Susan felt herself being pulled with it. Out on the crowded floor, Anthony and Christopher caught her in between them. She was being swept up into their movement, and she liked it. Both of the men had bodies she wanted to admire with no clothes on. They smelled masculine and enticing. The night was growing longer, and due to it being a weekday the club would be closing soon.

Walking out the limo that had been sent Susan found herself in the back seat with these two handsome men. Anthony wrapped his arm around her, ”I would so enjoy kissing you. I have been watching those lips all night and needed to feel them against mine.” Susan just leaned into him as his hands wrapped themselves into her hair. Slowly lowering his lips down to meet hers she anticipated a hard passionate kiss. Instead, he barely brushed against her pout. Trying to pull him down to meet her caused him to control her even more. “There is no hurry my dear we have plenty of time to your hotel.”, Anthony laughed. She felt his hand let go as Christopher slid up behind her on the leather seat. Brushing back the curls of her hair that laid against her neck, Christopher put a series of gentle kisses all up and down. Susan felt a jolt of electricity course through her entire body. Her nerves all came alive at the touch of these two men. Anthony had been enjoying the softness of her lips, and his tongue caressed the inside of her mouth. Susan was utterly caught up in everything that was happening; her mind did not have time to think as the sensations were building up.

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