Taboo is one of those words that makes most phone sex operators skin crawl. While most of what we talk about is considered taboo by definition. It seems at some point this word has come to mean incest, pedophilia, and scat. I do not know how we got to this point, but that is not what taboo is by any means. We do not make the rules about what we can and can not discuss or role play. Though the things I listed above would be on my ‘no no’ list irregardless. There are reasons why we do not discuss things that society deems completely unacceptable. A lot of what we discuss people would be uncomfortable with and that is okay to push people’s boundaries. Those types of things do not harm anyone either mentally or physically. The ones that create a situation of harm are not places to explore though. Incest is not something that society can ever accept it is detrimental to the society by creating unhealthy relationships that are regressive in nature. It is extremely harmful to the family ties and those can never be repaired. Even the discussion of it can give someone a sense of well I discussed it x amount of times and that person was okay with it there fore I can proceed.  Again this is not taboo it is a breaking of social laws. I doubt any of us need to discuss pedophilia in depth. While the age of consent varies from state to state and with the times. There comes a point where no one argues the point. Most sites keep this at age 18 because that is the universal age of consent. Yes we phone sex operators are aware that your state might be different. No we will not argue this point with you. We are not in a position to make a judgment call on this we have been told by the federal government as far as we are concerned 18 is the age of consent. It is not okay to put us in a position where we have to fuss at you about something that is just common sense.  While the list I have provided here is not all inclusive and each site changes it for a number of reasons. Please be respectful that while we want to make you happy there are just some lines we are not able to cross. Your call while important does not take precedence over our whole income.

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