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Expanding My Circles

I tend to get bored in life I get tired of doing the same thing over and over. So for the past couple of months I have been looking into affiliate marketing. I will admit that at this moment I am completely lost. As far as the adult side it seems a little more like a lot confusing and these people that work in this industry give up NO secrets so it is a fight to even learn anything. This all started after Niteflirt decided to change their whole set up. It used to be that if we girls/guys worked hard, put our time in, and worked our customer list we would get decent traffic (people coming to see us). Then Niteflirt started this whole bidding thing along with other changes. So I am no longer in my guys favorites list like I used to me. I am no longer at a place on the list by my hard work. Nope I am BURIED I mean like hundreds of places down from where I used to be. The reason for this is because I refuse to PAY niteflirt to put me in a decent spot. So because of all that I decided to look into advertising venues to get me out there. Yeah not so easy when you work in the adult industry everything is pay to play. I really dont make THAT much money I do okay but not great. From there everyone was screaming affiliate that is where the money is at but I have yet to find that damn Leprechaun. It is fun to learn new stuff and explore new things so I am still hanging in there to see what I can do. 

Are Women Porn Stars Happier than average women?

I was reading an article that posed this question and it really got me to thinking. In some ways I think it is true but it all depends on the portion of a person’s life you are looking at and whether they have a strong support system. I think women in the porn industry are more in tune with their sexuality they have been forced to examine a lot of aspects of their sexuality.  If a porn woman has a partner that is comfortable with her line of work and does not use it to pick fights or put her down then I think that yes she and her partner are a lot more open and honest with each other. I run into a number of men who never tell their partners their fantasies because of all the fallout from that.  I think in some ways working in the adult industry frees women to think and feel how they truly feel about their own sexuality.