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Stocking Anal Clips4Sale

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Stocking Anal
Price: $5.99
Size: 51 MB
Length: 5 minutes
Chilly Hicks is in her very tight pink tank top with her super hard nipples sticking way out. She is wearing her thick grey tights which are super soft on her skin. Showing off that pretty camel toe in those tights she rubs her fingers against that pussy of hers. Pushing her breasts together she shows off that deep cleavage of hers. Taking off that thin tank top of her she shows off those nice ‘D’ tits. Playing with her cleavage and pulling on those super hard nipples of hers. Turning around and bending over she shows off her beautiful booty. Those tights are showing off all of her beautiful bottom. Grinding that ass and slowly working her hips all around. Bouncing that booty getting you all worked up for that tight little hole hidden underneath those tights. Working those tights down her hips showing off that black thong of hers underneath. Bouncing that ass in just that black thong she slaps those ass cheeks against each other. Working that thong down her bottom to show off that rose bud that you have been waiting to see. Bending way over she spreads those ass cheeks way apart. Her pussy is wet just anticipating the feel of that toy deep inside her tight ass hole. Starting off with just her finger she tickles that asshole of hers getting it ready to for that glass toy. Getting that toy super slick she pushes it inside her hole. She fucks that toy deep inside her ass hole while she reaches down and teases her pussy. She is super horny and needs to have her holes used hard. Jamming that toy deep inside her ass she works it hard while she rubs that pussy super hard. She makes herself come super hard with a wonderful orgasm.


The Joys Of Anal

A lot of times in our sexual life we run into things that initially seem like they would be awful. After a little bit of education and proper introduction it starts to be more appealing. When it comes to anal this is one of those things that fall into that category. If a person tries to introduce themselves into anal through pornography that can be a frightening experience. For most people that utilize anal in their personal sexual adventure it is a lot milder than the over the top things that are done in mass production porn.

Starting out should be just teasing a finger gently rubbing against the ass hole or even lightly being pushed inside. There is no reason to start out with full blown anal. Let a person get used to the new sensation and more importantly let them enjoy all the new sensations that come from an area that has not had any attention. After that becomes very relaxing and all the jitters are gone move up to something a little more. This can be analingus which means using ones tongue on the bottom in a way similar to the way it would be used on a woman’s vagina. This if done properly can be a fabulous sensation.

From the sensation of the tongue a finger inserted to the anus with some gentle stretching can easily send a person over the edge. There are a number of toys that can be utilized at this step. Start small and slowly working up from there.  Toys can go from very thin about the width of a finger to things that are almost grotesque in size. Only a few people will actually go beyond an 8 inch toy. There is nothing wrong with that. As with all things sexual it should be an individual process that brings satisfaction.

Strapon play is often discussed when it comes to women on men play. Strapon do not have to be huge to be enjoyable. There is a learning curve on both sides. Women have to learn to use their hips in ways that might not be used to doing. For men they have to learn how to arch their backs and open themselves up mentally as well as physically to the play spectrum.

Men often are conditioned to think that anal is a homosexual thing and it is far from that. There is no reason why a man should be made to feel this way. Sexuality is an individual process and things that feel good that do not cause harm to others should be explored.

Wherever a person is they should be made to feel that exploration is okay with their partner. If a persona is completely turned off by something then of course that should not be forced onto them. However what I see is a lot of especially when it comes to women they let others peoples opinion that are not involved influence their sexuality.