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Fetish Furries (Furry Fandom) Dress Up In Animal Costumes

I was first introduced into this fetish from a CSI episode ‘Fur and Loathing’ I have included a clip off of youtube. I don’t think at that time I realized how huge this fetish actually is. Most the fetishes I try to research have just a few articles on them if I am lucky, not this one. WOW! There are a lot of people who enjoy this.  As for the definition of what this fetish is even those who enjoy it can not completely agree on it. I have noticed with fetishes the more general the explanation the more accurate it is. The reason for this is because people will always but their own spin onto ever fetish out there.

Some people enjoy pretending they are an animal for awhile  others it is pure sensation of the fur on their skin. Some people it is a complete sexual thing meaning they desire to have sex while dressed up as an animal for others is more of a mental transformation into a different mind set. One of the articles I read describes conventions in such cities as Memphis, Tn, Kansas City,  and Chicago. This is very mainstream compared to a lot of other fetishes. This fetish should not be confused with plushies who are into stuffed animals. The people that play in furry fandom actually become the animal they are representing for play time. They enjoy having others touch them like an animal would be touched such as scratching their backs or behind their ears.  For someone being introduced to this for the first time I am sure it comes off as odd. However as far as fetishes goes this one gets put under fun and harmless.  The people that play in this are not in real animals all their relations are with people just like themselves. They are not into hurting anyone or themselves. Textile fantasy are very common and to some degree I think all people have a little bit of textile in them that is why satin and silk are so popular with lingerie. To some degree I think all people enjoy stepping out of reality and into a safe fantasy world for awhile. There is no harm and lots of fun in this one. What surprises me in regards to this fetish is unlike most it is fairly new though most can not agree on exactly when it started some say the 1960’s while others claim the 1980’s. The majority of fetishes have been documented for much longer periods of time. It almost seems to coincide with the popularity of cartoons.

If this is something you enjoy let me hear what you like about and what turns you on about being dressed up as your favorite creation.