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Pantyhose Ass Worship Chilly Hicks Clips4Sale

Ass worship, black hose, pantyhose, nylons, tease, girl in suit
Pantyhose Ass Worship
Price: $6.99
Size: 37 MB
Length: 7 minutes
Chilly Hicks has been wearing her short tight dress with full sheer black pantyhose underneath all day. Coming home she teases you with those wonderful smelling and silky hose. Starting out with showing off that beautiful ass and those long legs. She knows how much you like those muscular calves of hers. Slowly pulling up that soft cotton dress she shows you that bottom of hers covered in those black sheer pantyhose. Pulling up her dress she shows off that round ass just waiting for you to kiss all over it. She is not wearing any panties underneath those hose. Having worn them all day long they absolutely smell of her beautiful pussy. Rubbing her fingers up and down that ass crack seductively bringing you closer. Bending over she pushes that round bottom way up in the air. Slowly working her hips back and forth she draws you even closer to those very sheer hose. Smothering your face while she grinds her nylon covered pussy over your wanting lips. Smell your way from that pussy to that gorgeous pantyhose covered ass. This is all about you worshiping her behind which is completely covered by those pantyhose. Feel that wonderful scratchy feeling as you rub your face one way then feel that fabulous silkiness when you rub your face the other way. She knows you really enjoy the smell of pantyhose after they have been worn in direct contact with her pussy and ass all day long. Sniff that muskiness as you breathe a deep breath. Pushing your face deeper and deeper in those ass cheeks you can not get enough of that wonderful smell. The closer you push your face the less you smell of that pussy and the more you smell of that ass you crave so much of.


Ass Worship The Seduction Of Smothering

I have always had a big round booty as long as I can remember. The really funny thing is when I was young and being a Southern girl I was told that having a big bottom was a bad thing. When I became an adult I quickly figured out that men like round bottoms. I am not talking about having a turn sideways to get through a door thing more just round and voluptuous. I have been playing in the bdsm/cuckold world since I was 17. I didn’t start doing phone sex or camming until I was in my mid 30’s so everything I have learned of men, women and their liking of round bottoms has come from real world experience. First off women’s magazines lie there is nothing wrong with having a body that looks like a woman should look.

Through the years I have come to realize that I greatly enjoy ass worship. I like to have a man slowly kiss all over my bottom. I greatly enjoy having my ass licked and teased I find this even more enjoyable if I am sitting on a man’s face while he licking all over. The act of smothering someone with my ass is a fairly new for me. I didn’t really start playing with that until I was in my late 30’s. The older I become the more I find myself gravitating towards the dominate side of sexuality. I like the power play between myself and a submissive. I like to feel someone completely under my power because that is the exact place they desire to be. There is just something far more superior about sitting on someone’s face and controlling their breathing by using my round luscious bottom.

The games that can be played with ass worship are far more demanding than those that can be played with foot worship. The feel of those feet all over someone’s face is fun. However, when I sit down on a face like it is my personal throne and proceed to grind all over that is an almost wicked feeling. I like that I can play with a man’s testicles or a woman’s pussy while controlling everything they can and can not do. I enjoy telling someone to lick my ass more or telling them to stick their finger back in my ass hole because I never gave them permission to take it out.

Are you an ass man? Do you like a woman to control you by using her bottom? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments.