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ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

This one took some research to really start to understand and even know I am not claiming a full grasp on the subject. ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the use of sound generally human voice to create a pleasurable sensation. Think of it like goose bumps or butterflies on the skin. For fetish people this seems to be a soft female voice spoken at a very low level. Think of it as a very sweet voice whispering to you. What is actually being said seems to have little to do with the reaction. So the words do not convey the feelings that are experienced. The tone, volume, and cadence seems to be the important parts of the process. I have listened to a number of recordings during the course of studying this fetish. Those recordings have a lot of similar portions to them. The girls tend to be higher pitched in voice, they seem to be naturally soft spoken so they are not trying too hard to get to that level of voice and they seem to speak in close to the same natural rhythm. There is a lot of controversy on the actual affects of ASMR with those claiming to experience the sensations defending them and those that say there is no scientific evidence of physical manifestation. We have all at some time experienced someone’s voice that has calmed us or even un-nerved us. I have had someone speak to me and the hair on the back of my neck rise up or get chills. This just seems to be an extension of those types of reactions. I am sure as with most things every person is a little different in what they actually react too. From the reading I have done on ASMR I personally would put it under a hypnosis type of fetish.  While it seems popular if you go off of youtube videos. I do not find a lot of it in actual adult fetish products. This one does intrigue me probably because it does not seem as popular as a lot of the fetishes that I look into.

If you are into ASMR I would greatly enjoy hearing what it is that attracts you to it personally. The reaction that you get from it in a physical, mental and emotional sense. What makes a good ASMR video and or recording for you? Tell me all about it in  the comments below.