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Diane Callaway’s New Tattoo

I have been wanting to have my chest piece covered up for a long time. Generally I am like well this needs done or that needs done. After the wreck in February we were all like we are just going to start doing what we want to do. I have a very artistic husband who completely understands what I like and what motivates me. He sat down and started looking around and drawing up an idea to have it inked on. We started looking for a new tattoo artist mine had moved away years ago and I don’t do cooking cutter tattoos. I like someone with a lot of talent who can take a general idea turning it into a work of art. I want something that is mine that you will not see on someone else unless they copy it of course. I also want a tattoo with a lot of meaning for me! After weeks of looking we finally found an artist that could draw (yeah that is a bid deal). He also seemed competent to take paper ideas and turn them into skin which can be difficult. It took him less than an hour to draw up the general sketch. That is pretty darn fast. 10407378_1645583728915342_8136054425943120926_n (1)


The rose is covering up my old tattoo and it is perfect size. My great grandmother raised roses for years so they are significant to me in a different ways. I tend to kill plants which makes me super sad. I have a great admiration for birds of prey and I am part Cherokee (not the princess kind the dirt poor kind LOL). 10411819_1645583828915332_6662069338697937921_n (1)


I adore this dream catcher I think he did an awesome job on making it look delicate. I am also plagued by horrible paralysis dreams it is something that I have dealt with for years.

1610893_1645583768915338_1795860552995789814_n (2)Those who do not know me probably would misunderstand the black widow. I adore spiders to me they are symbol of feminine power. They care for their young are the perfect predator and are beautiful. Yes, there is that small eating the male mate part but not everything can be perfect. The web coming down was my husband’s idea and I really like that one little part you rarely see it. I have a black diamond necklace that I got for Christmas a few years ago with a black widow on it. It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.


The finished product of course it is changing and will continue to change as it heals but I absolutely adore it. Do you have tattoos what is your favorite piece and why? Tell me in the comments below.