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Worshipping Wife’s Lover

Men often think that being a cuckold will be all about their secret desires. A large majority of men wish to become cuckolds due to their own fantasy. They think it will be a huge turn on to watch their wife get fucked by another man.  Rarely do the realize as a woman takes on lovers her sense of self grows in enormous ways. That meek little house wife develops an appetite for huge cocks. An appetite her cuckold is not able to fulfill. Once a woman starts to enjoy something much nicer than what she has at home often she just does not want to go back to it. It is like living on ramen noodles then eating $300 meals for a month the thought of going back just does not seem appealing at all. A man will soon learn that being a cuckold is less and less about his wants and more and more about hers.

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A true cuckold will appreciate serving his woman in any way that she wants. He knows that he is lacking either in skills or cock size and often in both. A cuckold will see his woman being pleased by a man and desire that look on her face sometimes even more than she does.  Many a straight man has learned to serve his wife’s lover not because he wants to, but because that is what she desires. I have often heard a cuckold tell me that a good lover takes on a god quality in a household. It is not about the man but about how he changes the woman that matters. Cleaning up after a man which means licking up his sperm from a cuckold’s wife’s body.  While a non cuckold man might find this thought completely unsettling; a cuckold will come to crave it.cuckold, cheating wife, cum eating, wife swapping, cheating wife, slutty wife,

The true test comes when a cuckold is a expected to lick his wife’s pussy juices off of another man’s cock. For most men this is the hardest thing for them to think about until they actually do it. Once they smell her smell and taste her on that penis the only thing that matters is doing what she wants.

A cuckold should always desire to make his wife the happiest she can be no matter what she asks of him to do.