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This is the fetish of talking or listening to sexual stories, pornographic stories, and dirty talk. I dont know how much of this is a fetish though because most the people I know are into this in one way or form. Now before girls out there go oh no I am not into pornography oh really because the last time I checked all those romance novels describe sex and sexual scenarios. I know I greatly enjoy telling a dirty story or talking dirty. I am not really into porn that much at least not the latest version of porn I enjoy a symbalence of a plot even if it is a weak one. I used to enjoy Penthouse Forum when it was still around and have to say a trashy novel is a great way to relax at night. Now I do not HAVE to be stimulated this way to get off so technically it is not a fetish for me but I enjoy it. What about you what kind of dirty stories do you enjoy? Do you have a favorite place or author that you enjoy? Are you more visual are you more into being shown something? If so are you into a certain kind of porn?