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Fetish Eproctophilia (Farting)

I will be honest I had no clue what eproctophilia meant or had even heard the word until  I started working on the internet. Then I started to get guys that were asking about this I thought I was knew a decent amount about sexuality but this was a lesson.  While I am sure if a person looked hard enough they could find a woman that had this fetish. The type of person that develops this fetish is generally a heterosexual man that is into the sound and smell of a woman’s farts. I have to think that in some ways it can be attributed to the games that men play when they are young.  I do not personally know anyone that has this fetish . I do know a lot of men that find farting very funny and make jokes of it which may show an underlying part of eproctophilia. While most people would think this is a very small populous of people that are into this fetish. There seems to a growing populous of men that feel safe in admitting to having an attraction to women’s farts.

They have even done medical studies in regards to what this particular group of men are attracted to. Most enjoy the sound and the smell of the fart.This is a sexual attraction and many men become extremely turned on by the thought of a woman farting on them or near them. It seems to be something that starts when a man is young and grows with time and does not seem to be triggered by one life event more a series of events. Face sitting is something that seems to naturally occur with this fetish though some men enjoy the thought of a stranger someone they have never met and probably never will meet. Some seem to think that this is a milder form of coprophilia however from the reading and discussions I have had with men through the years I really do not feel this is the case or at least not with a wide majority of men.

If this is a fetish that a man is into there is not a lot of really good substance out there.   While very few if any professional porn stars do eproctophilia movies there are a number of amateur girls that do specialize in this fetish. A really good friend of mine Miss Sexy Lizz does a number of specialty videos for those interested. She has a great selection of fun movies and a gorgeous woman as well. You can find access to her web site here :  http://www.sexymisslizz.com/

Chilly and I have not done any movies involving this fetish because we have a very small group of men that discuss this with us.