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Diane Callaway And Chilly Hicks Girls Playing In Silky Hose

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Diane Callaway And Chilly Hicks Girls Playing In Silkyhose
Price: $11.99
Size: 56 MB
Length: 11 minutes
Diane Callaway and Chilly Hicks have been out all day shopping and doing girl things. Wearing their cute little sundresses and pantyhose on very hot summer day. Chilly Hicks is wearing her black pantyhose and her white chunky heeled sandels. Diane Callaway is wearing her black pantyhose and her black heels. Diane rubs up and down those silky hose of Chilly pulling off those heels. Diane likes the way Chilly’s tiny foot smells and feels after being up on them all day long. She enjoys rubbing those nylons against her skin. The girls start kissing on each other making out with their hands and tongues. Diane slowly undresses Chilly out of that sundress of hers showing off those pretty tiny breasts. Chilly is a huge fan of girls feet she slowly takes off Diane’s heels. Messaging those aching soles and kissing all over those feet of Diane’s. Being that close to Chilly’s pussy is too much for Diane she slips her fingers under those full pantyhose and teases that little clit of Chilly’s. The girls have been teasing each other all day long and can’t wait to actually be able to touch all over each others bodies. Chilly rubs her fingers all up and down those pantyhose slipping inside the waistband of Diane’s to tease that swollen clit of hers. Diane needs to feel Chilly’s mouth and fingers all over those big “DD” breasts. Taking off that sundress so that Chilly can wrap her lips around those sensitive nipples. Chilly uses the roughness of the pantyhose to make that clit of Diane’s super sensitive. Rubbing through the hose Chilly makes Diane come hard making the crotch super wet. Diane pulls Chilly’s pantyhose down just enough to expose that pretty pale pussy of hers. Rubbing all over that clit she makes Chilly explode hard with her fingers.


Oculolinctus Fetish Eye Ball Licking

Oculolinctus or eye ball licking which is also known as worming  made main stream news a few years ago because it had become popular in Japan. It was causing a number of health issues and some people even lost their sight. This is one of those fetishes that is not a good idea. The human mouth contains a lot of bacteria that does not need to be in the eye. The eye ball is very easy to scratch and even the bumps on a tongue can cause a scratch which can be easily infected. I am not sure where the sexual gratification of having one’s eye licked. This does not seem to be a fetish that is historical like many of the others we have looked at. It seems to almost be under what I would call fad for preteens and teenagers. Oculolinctus appears to have come out of a number of Japanese animated publications. Basically it came out of fiction and an impressionable group started to pick up on it. Like a number of fads people started talking about it and then started to try it. The age of those that seem to be practicing it the most are of ones that try a lot of different sexual experiments. It is not a good practice and the damage it can cause can be irreversible.  Eyes are very delicate and once damaged often can not be repaired.  While the eye is full of nerves and it may be super sensitive to the stroking of a tongue there are many other wonderful parts of the body that are also sensitive and less susceptible to irreversible damage.  Toes are a good choice for exploration they  have a lot of nerve endings respond to even the slightest touch and covered with skin. Skin is our barrier against infection and it works very well to protect the body from outside bacteria and infections.  The eyes should be left to looking into not invading with a tongue.   This is one that I would say to not try this at home or anywhere else.

Agalmatophilia The Fetish of Mannequin Sexual Attraction

The fetish of Agalmatophilia is sexual attraction to mannequins or statues. This is a fetish that we see a lot of in popular culture it has been expanded into all sorts of inanimate objects but the baseline is the same. I can remember my first exposure to the fetish of agalmatophilia with the movie Mannequin where he falls in love with the mannequin and then she comes alive for them to live happily ever after.  In the movie he creates her and then she comes alive but only when she is with him everyone else sees her as an inanimate object. This movie depicts a number of the things that this fetish encompasses the act of having a desire to be with and feel those objects are capable of giving back some form of emotional feedback.

This is a fetish that is very old and well documented through the years. It can be a pure sexual thing where the person desires to have sexual contact and relations with some form of inanimate object from mannequins, dolls, statues, as well as other things. It can show itself as just interaction with an object to a level of obsessive compulsive actions. It can also be a desire to become the object themselves. It is believed by some that the fetish of  pygmalionism may also be part of this fetish or an extension of it. Pygmalionism is the love or desire of an object that one has created themselves. This could be a stuffed doll, a statue, or perhaps even a teddy bear.  While this fetish has been depicted in numerous ancient types of art and literature. It was not looked at by doctors or scientist until 1877. It is one of older fetishes to be looked into by the medical community.  It is now easier for those that have this fetish to have a sexual object for their desires. The newer sex dolls are extremely realistic compared to the old blow up dolls from years ago. They have realistic skin and soft touchable hair. They warm to the touch and are completely poseable. Those with this fetish can now have a number of different ways of expressing it. The new robots in Japan are extremely humanoid.

With the internet and the exposure to different fetishes is far more common to see people having open discussions about them in a way that is not making fun of.

Is this a fetish that interests you or have you known someone with the fetish of agalmatophilia? Tell me about it in the comments below.

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

This one took some research to really start to understand and even know I am not claiming a full grasp on the subject. ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the use of sound generally human voice to create a pleasurable sensation. Think of it like goose bumps or butterflies on the skin. For fetish people this seems to be a soft female voice spoken at a very low level. Think of it as a very sweet voice whispering to you. What is actually being said seems to have little to do with the reaction. So the words do not convey the feelings that are experienced. The tone, volume, and cadence seems to be the important parts of the process. I have listened to a number of recordings during the course of studying this fetish. Those recordings have a lot of similar portions to them. The girls tend to be higher pitched in voice, they seem to be naturally soft spoken so they are not trying too hard to get to that level of voice and they seem to speak in close to the same natural rhythm. There is a lot of controversy on the actual affects of ASMR with those claiming to experience the sensations defending them and those that say there is no scientific evidence of physical manifestation. We have all at some time experienced someone’s voice that has calmed us or even un-nerved us. I have had someone speak to me and the hair on the back of my neck rise up or get chills. This just seems to be an extension of those types of reactions. I am sure as with most things every person is a little different in what they actually react too. From the reading I have done on ASMR I personally would put it under a hypnosis type of fetish.  While it seems popular if you go off of youtube videos. I do not find a lot of it in actual adult fetish products. This one does intrigue me probably because it does not seem as popular as a lot of the fetishes that I look into.

If you are into ASMR I would greatly enjoy hearing what it is that attracts you to it personally. The reaction that you get from it in a physical, mental and emotional sense. What makes a good ASMR video and or recording for you? Tell me all about it in  the comments below.

Fetish Ederacinism Tearing Out Sexual Organs By The Roots

Some of the fetishes I am looking at and talking about this year are fun, sexy, and not so out there. There will be some like Ederacinism which are of a darker nature. I want to be fair in what we are discussing so not all of these fetishes will be easy or comfortable to talk about and deal with to me that is okay. Part of exploring ones sexuality is to stretch out into areas that are not comfortable to find one’s limitations. I would not suggest trying each and every one of these but talking about it and some of the reasons behind it are important.  When I first started researching this I thought it was along the lines of something that I often do with submissives we will discuss that later.

Starting out with what Ederacinism is the thought of ripping ones sexual organs out by the roots in order to punish one’s self in order to punish one’s self for too many sexual wants and desires. The fetish itself is very brutal in nature.

Now  when I thought of this what came to me was where I tie a guy up nice and tight and tease his balls. Leaning over and telling him how if he is not a good boy I will just rip it off. Then watching and feeling his body respond to the adrenalin dump that courses through him.  Sexy and fun. That does not seem to apply to this fetish. Neither does it seem to be where a man would become a eunuch for his mistress.

The fetish itself is a punishing one of a very brutal nature. Now I am sure if we searched a lot we would find someone that had committed these acts to themselves. However I strongly think that most people just think of the act and that is what turns them on even more.  To me this would seem to be a fetish of sexual disfunction as it is of something that is meant to punish for thinking of sexual wants and in the end the person become more turned on at the thought of being punished.

Personally I think I will stick to my sexier and more fun version of this. I have always enjoyed playing with a mans balls and a little bit of fear implemented at the right moment can make a play session even more fun.


If you are interested in even more fetishes take a look at this blog that I ran across while doing some research.

Autassassinophilia (being put in a position of grave harm)

I have been doing these types of articles for a long time and those of you that have followed my blogs over the years should be use to my blogs on different fetishes. I just reblogged a really good article from a psychological  and academic point of view. I have other the years come across several people who were into being placed in situations where they would come to harm. Do I or have I ever thought these people ACTUALLY wanted to die. Absolutely not!!! Like all situations of this nature it is the thrill of the moment they are after the butterfly in the stomach, the rush, and the exchange of control. I would never participate in something if I thought that person wanted to harm themselves. The situations where people actually die through these setups I honestly believe are purely accidental or they happen across someone that wants to murder someone. So basically they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. While I understand the mental portion of this I do not and have not ever participated in a physical encounter of this nature. I personally would not want the responsibility nor the guilt if something this drastic happend to someone. I know this is a deep fetish for us to start out on this new blog but it just came up in the draw which is how I do all of them. So thoughts feelings be them negative or positive. 

What is our Favorite Fetish?

Chilly and I are often asked this question and while we both enjoy a wide variety of things there are a few things that we enjoy a little bit more. We both really like pantyhose there is just something about them that makes a girl very feminine and also in control. I have a great liking to boots well shoes is probably a more adequate description. I adore having my feet worshipped and daunted on. Being worshipped all over my body makes me very happy. Chilly is a little bit more submissive she likes being told what to do. She likes that you tell her how to please you. I have always had a great enjoyment of sissy guys dressing them up, putting them down it is all fun. Now Chilly and I have explored a number of different fetishes so this is more what we enjoy on a regular basis not what we enjoy over all. Do you have a favorite fetish that you want to talk about. Give us a call and lets have some fun with it.