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Niteflirt Cuckolding Princess

Hey guys wanted to introduce you to a friend of ours Cuckolding Princess. She is one of our fellow phone sex operators on Niteflirt. I could tell you she is this really sweet wonderful lady which she is to all us other girls. However, to you boys that is a completely different story. She is called the Cuckolding Princess for a reason. When it comes to feminine boys she greatly enjoys sending you out on assignments. Dress up sessions for sissification are a fun way for her to spend an evening. She knows that you have always thought about feminization and wearing those pretty things you complain about your wife buying. Really though you are just a closet homo waiting for Cuckolding Princess to take over your world. Some might call her a home wrecker but really your wife has always known what a loser you are she was just too polite to tell you what she thought. Now if you really do no want people knowing your deepest darkest secrets how about some blackmail fantasy to show Cuckolding Princess how much you are willing to do or shall we say pay to keep her quiet. She really does enjoy humiliation though so it might cost you a pretty penny. Make sure those pennies,nickels and dimes are super shiny a Princess always deserves things that sparkle. Financial domination is one of her specialties and she is very good raping that wallet.

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I know you thought that when she invited you over it would be for you to fuck her she is stunningly beautiful isn’t she? She would never let a small penis like that one between your legs come near her. She has a much larger strapon that is what will be filling up your evening. When it comes to chastity her collection is a lot like mine shiny pretty with lots of different styles to try. The only thing that cleavage of hers needs is the key to your jewels. Welcome to the world of tease and DENIAL! By the time she is through she will have complete the task of mind fuck and you will be begging to be her good cock sucker.

cuckolding princess, assingment, mp3, financial domination, contracts, cock suckers, tease and denial, sissification, blackmail, small penis humiliation, closet homo, feminization, chastity, foot fetish, home wrecker, sissy bot, strapon play, mind fuck








If you are looking for content she has all kinds of fun things. Assignments for you to complete. Contracts that will keep you coming back again and again. Mp3 to listen to while you sit next to your wife. How about some how to’s on being a better sissy. Go check out all her fun stuff and make sure you tell her that you found her through Tailstwichn Girls.

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Crush Foot Fetish

We are all familiar with crushing grapes as a way to make wine. For a number of foot fetish guys and girls this is not the only kind of crushing that is a lot of fun. I enjoy having my feet worshiped.  I had not been introduced to the whole crushing fetish until after I started on the internet. Now I do not believe in killing anything for entertainment. Killing anything alive is not okay to me and yes that does include bugs. I do enjoy the food stuff though.

Taking a cake and smashing it under my feet to have it licked off by my submissive is just a lot of fun to me. I have always enjoyed the feel of things going between my toes. Of course I started out with mud. What person does not enjoy the feel of mud or clay squishing slowly between their toes. It just feels so wonderful that I go barefoot as much as I can. When I got older and when I started online I got introduced to cakes.  Which are awesome especially if you have someone to lick off all the parts that are left. I had someone on Niteflirt suggest I try a creme cake. Which I did and while that is an expensive habit to start it certainly feels wonderful on the toes.

I kind of did things backwards when it comes to crushing. I didn’t play with fruits until much later on like only in the last couple of years. There is just something sensual and wicked about shopping for things in a grocery store that you know you are going to use in sexual fun.  Picking out those tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, oranges as well as all the other things that just happen to catch my eye. Taking them home and having my foot slave lick up ever drop they leave behind is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

How Sexual Play Affects Strong Dominant Men

Why I Powder and Diaper Powerful, Successful, Middle-Aged Men

This article is written by SANDRA LAMORGESE PH.D. who  has written a number of articles in regards to submission and domination as well as sexuality.  I highly recommend this article which offers an insight into a number of different fetishes.  The article starts of talking about adult baby. Adult baby is a fetish where a grown person generally a man but can be a woman wishes to be treated like a child. They often wish to be at the infant stage where they require constant supervision. They enjoy the whole experience of wearing a diaper, sucking on a bottle or pretending to nurse, have toys, cuddling and other baby experiences. This role play seems to be about being completely under another person’s control and being  able to let go of all adult responsiblities. Often as the author of the article points out these are very powerful in charge people who are most into this fetish. It is appears to be a huge stress reliever to be able to not have to make an decisions about anything that is going on around them or to them.  Some dominant women and men are able to become full obsorbed into the situation along with the submissive person and find a sense of satisfaction or closeness out of it. This is a fantasy of mainly the mind supported by props.  That may be one of the reasons why highly intelligent people are drawn to it.  As many people who are part of the dominant/submissive world have found out these types of intense role plays can bring on a natural high or euphoria from the realease of chemicals in the brain. The most common type of person to search out high intensity sessions are men over the age of 40  who have stressful or high intensity employment.  There are many types of taboo roles plays that these men are attracted to. Taboo in this sense just means not those generally accepted by society. Which can included such things as vore the desire to be consumed by someone generally a giantess but not necessarily so as pointed out by the author. It can also include such things objectification, foot fetish, kidnapping or death fetishes. These men have no desire to have someone actually kill them they are looking for that thrill of an intense role play.

Read the article which is informative and entertaining. Also comment below some of your fun but less sociably acceptable secret scenarios.