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Goddess Worship

Goddess worship is a mindset of a man being completely committed to the woman in his life. women in control, goddess, mistress, women ran homes, Worship, While most men are raised to act as if a woman is well below them. They are taught to act like studs or as if women are disposal-able objects in their lives. While they may act like this they rarely truly feel it. A man is always looking for that one woman that he can worship. Unfortunately for women they are slow to realize the power  they can have over any man if they just behave in the way to take it.

A man desires to have a woman to follow where she controls him and he wants nothing more to give her everything that she wants. A woman just has to use that sexuality to keep a man on the edge. Teasing a man keeping him on that edge of craving a release with sensuality puts him in a position of being submissive to a woman. A woman can be a goddess in any man’s life if she tries. women in control, goddess, mistress, women ran homes, Worship,

Relationships with a woman who takes the active lead are often far happier than those where men are in charge and especially where no one is in charge. This whole concept of we are all equals in a relationship often means the relationship burns out and dies. I talk to women all the time that are bored with their man they say things like he never does all the things he did when we were dating. He never is spontaneous. The man in turn will say things like she is always angry. She never seems to even want to be around me. I am always on edge. They both will say our sex life is not were it should be or where it was.

When a woman steps up and takes control she is happier and as long as it is done out of love not snideness the relationship soon begins to flourish.  Even if a man is put in a cage for an extended amount of time with him just pleasuring her he will want to do more and more to make her happy.




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